It Has Been a Mad Fortnight-Part One

Well, I’ve hitched a few thousand kilometres and had a big week in Rockhampton, and a huge New Years Eve back in Cooktown.

So I should tell you about it and thank the friends, family and random people who helped me along the way.

It all started during a long, sleepless Wednesday night/Thursday morning two days before before Christmas. I had planned on staying in Cooktown for the duration & heading down after New Year, but I got pining for family…

Thursday 23 December 2011

I sorted out my pack with a minimal change of clothes & my toothbrush etc. I made sure I had socks & me walking boots & some basic first aid too. And plenty of undies. The plan was to hitch out at about three in the arvo. Then I got drinking with the crew 😉 . At about 7:30 in the evening I rang my mate Alan, who owns Country Road Coachlines. His business services the Cooktown district, as well as Laura and Weipa. It happened that he was running a special to Cairns in the morning for a bunch of the Banana farmers, and was happy for me to jump on in the morning.

Jazz, Maddy, McGee after a big night

Jazz, Maddy, McGee after a big night



This pic is of Jazz, Maddy & McGee the morning after. We had managed about 2 hours sleep between 5 and 7am. The night was also a farewell for Maddy as she scored a job with AAT Kings out at Uluru/Yulara. We love you Maddy & miss your guts 🙂

Friday 24 December 2011

So, on Christmas eve at about 9am, with ten bucks & half a pack of rollies & my backpack & boots, I jumped on the bus & headed to Cairns.

We got into Cairns about one-thirty in the afternoon.
Alan, the owner of Country Road Coachlines dropped me out to the Southside of Cairns near Sheridan Plaza, and gave me $100 as an early Christmas present. Thx mate 🙂

That got me some smokes & a feed to start with. Oh, if you haven’t eaten Hungry Jacks for a while, the burgers seriously taste like a handful of fat. Bleh…

I started off down the highway & a nice girl stopped & picked me up. I thought it a bit strange until a 4wd pulled in behind her carrying more of her family 🙂
She took me to Gordonvale & said if I got to talk to one of the blokes from Troncs transport, I should mention her because her husband works for them & I should be able to get a ride to at least Innisfail.
I walked out to the other side of the Mulgrave River to a good hitching spot and stuck out my finger.
After about an hour or so I got a lift with two gentlemen who were heading to Mission Beach for Christmas. We had a great yarn about spirituality, and they gave me some beautiful mangoes to take with me. They dropped at the North side of Innisfail & I headed off to the other side of town.

I stood at the turn-off for hours without a lift and decided to hike out to the BP servo, about four kilometres further out. However,it was closed when I got out there. There was a caravan park just up the road, so I waited there in the hope someone might pick me up.
It was getting close to midnight by the time someone stopped. Four folk in a magna had been heading to Cairns from Townsville earlier in the afternoon & had seen me. They were on their way back & stopped for me. So, after an enjoyable ride,we arrived in Townsville about 3am Christmas morning…
To be continued…