Artificial Reefs For Moreton Bay

I read this article about the artificial reefs that are being sunk in the Morton Bay area. Many of the traditional breeding grounds in the area have been declared green zones to allow for fish stocks to rebuild. A great idea, really… but it makes it harder on Everyday Joe, who just wants to head out in his tinnie and catch a nice reef fish for dinner.

These artificial reefs are a good example of common sense being used to ensure that recreational fisher-people don’t lose out on the whole deal. The reefs are sunk in areas that are not naturally suitable to fish breeding due to the lack of hiding places for fingerlings. The ‘reefs’ are designed with this in mind… and with the hope that the fish they encourage into the area will end up on the plates of Mum and Dad fisher-people, like us.

It’s good to see that with a little thought, we can find a solution that will suit all involved. It’s a great idea, in my eyes.