It’s All About Us

Hey gang

4:20pm πŸ˜‰ Tuesday 13 September 2011
After getting cleaned up at the Dragons Lair, we headed out to Walker Bay. First we checked the North end, then headed to the South to find some shelter from the trade winds. We found a nice hidden clearing about a hundred metres (330ft) in from the beach. The thick coastal scrub just lifts the wind over our heads, but also lets the breeze flick in a little to keep things cool and fresh.

I learnt a lesson today. Tina should not have shopped by herself at the supermarket. She insisted though.
“I haven’t been in their for ages! I’ll do the shopping.”
Tina purchased some avocado, bread, tomatoes, eggs and potatoes. Cool. She also bought a tray of herbed steak, a cold chicken, some cheese kabana. Enough cold meat for three days. Cool too. Except we have no fridge or ice. πŸ™‚
Now, we could have eaten the chook last night. But…we also had two live crabs that our bama mate had given us. They were happily resting in the mangrove leaves in the old blue Styrofoam esky we’d found at the Annan.

A Quick Diversion

Bama Explained
The term ‘bama’, pronounced ‘bumma’, is the local term in both guugu yimmithir and kuku yalanji languages for person or people. However, over time it has become the respectful term for differentiating between local aboriginals and white people. White people can sometimes be referred to as migaloo (whitefella), but that’s generally reserved for tourists who travel up here around the same time as the whales migrate North. We sometimes think there was an in-joke going on when the White humpback whale was named.

Our somewhat famous mud crabs are arguably the best tasting crabs on the planet.
Mud crabs are most commonly found in tidal saltwater, mangrove lined rivers and creeks. They’re also found in mangrove lined coast.
Now, some people may argue with me, but in our humble opinions, the best way to cook Australian Mud crab is thus:

Assuming a 1 kilogram (roughly 2lb) mud crab.
It must be alive! If you can’t get live green mud crab, ignore this and buy a cooked one.
Euthanase it.
Squeamish people avert your eyes. Either place in a freezer for an hour,or spike it between the eyes with something sharp.

Preferably get a big pot of fresh clean ocean water,about 5 litres (1.3US gal) and bring it to the boil. Immerse the crab and allow it to come to the boil again. Boil for 15 to 20 minutes, then take off the heat. Let it sit in the hot water for a couple minutes, then remove and immerse in a bucket of cold saltwater.
Leave in water to cool for 15 or 20 minutes before eating.
Oh, if you put thick layers of fresh mangrove leaves in your esky with your crabs, they’ll live for days. Keep the esky in the shade and open it for fresh air a couple times a day. Replace the leaves every couple of days or so. Only mangrove though.

End Diversion

Anyway, we decided to cook and eat the crabs instead, and sacrifice the chook to the dogs in the morning.
Dinner was fresh Annan River mudcrab, boiled in Crystal clear Walker Bay ocean water. Accompanied with ripe Avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and soft multigrain bread and butter.

We went to bed early, listening to the ocean and the breeze we’d become so used to before Tina was diagnosed with the GBM.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

We both had an interrupted sleep. Tina was awake more often than me, listening to the radio and quietly shushing Jack when he barked at a hog or wallaby in the undergrowth.
I woke around 11pm. Then at some hour after that, I woke with an overwhelming urge to throw up.
After emptying my guts, I felt much better and slept til dawn, about 6:15am. Tina was fine. Not sick at all. Just not very tired.
I did something silly while cleaning up last night. It may have contributed to my sickness 😦
This morning, Tina had some steak and salad for brekky. I took our long bucket out to the beach with Jack to get some washing water. There’s a good 25 to 30 knot Sou’Easter blowing off the ocean onto the beach. Our spot in behind the 4 metre high, dense vine scrub is well protected, but the wind still rips through the canopy at the edge of the clearing, letting us feel her freshness when a gust rolls like a wave into our camp.
Which leads me to the beauty of Pig.

Pig, of whom I think you are intimately aware, provides our cooking fire, warmth and entertainment during our nights here in Paradise. Pig can contain a fire and its ash in a 20 knot wind. I reckon it could handle more though. The mesh on the vent at the bottom of Pig, Pigs Arse, holds the ash until it has completely burnt. The ash can’t start another fire outside Pig. The only evidence of Pig that you’ll see after we leave a camp after a few days, is a small pile of ash that might, but probably wouldn’t fill a 10 litre (4gal) bucket. Thankyou Legend Of The North, Pig is good πŸ™‚

Tina weighed herself Tuesday morning at the Dragons Lair. She was 67.7kg (10.6 stone 150lb).
Prior to the Dexmethsone treatment, well actually, the Thursday Tina flew from Cooktown a month ago, she weighed 58kg (9.1st or 128lb).
An extreme appetite is a common side effect of Dexmethsone. There are others as well, some quite serious. I think it is either the Dexmethsone or the omezaprole that lowers your immune defenses. We have to be careful in case Tinas system weakens.

Today will be a quite lazy day for us. We’ve gathered wood, collected water, cooked breakfast, checked the weather on the radio, and decided to do a lot of nothing today.
Images today are of The Penn rod we found washed up on the beach. Which reminds me. I forget when we’re in range to Google this rod. Do any of you fisher folk have a replacement value for it?
There is also the float we found that will be for JJ or The Legend, a few obligatory Jack and Floyd shots (puppehz izz cute), and whatever else I have a whim to show. πŸ™‚
For example, Tina dozing in her ‘Fraggle Rock’ t-shirt πŸ™‚
Pig is there with his Blue 5 litre enamel pot (another gift from Legend). See the ash pike? That’s from boiling two crabs, boiling the billy twice, pan frying steak this morning,and boiling off the crab water this morning.
OK, here is a Tina-ism. It might give you an idea of where her head is at at the moment. Her confusion with naming things is more pronounced early in the morning, or at night when she is tired.
“These guys taste pastel!”
…said whilst eating weet-bix with creamy mixed powdered milk at 10pm one night. Pastel=like cream…duh!
…and Aussie kids are weet-bix kids! Sport, team, guys…
If you don’t know weet-bix, Google them too.

Lunch time!
A Tuna salad of Avocado and raw Broccoli florets with seasonings. Too nice on a tropical Wednesday.

We have plans for next month while waiting for the Pensions to come through. First,Tina is adamant that we attend the Wallaby Creek Music and Arts Festival. We’ll get a Centrelink payment on Thursday the 22nd before Wallaby Ck, which runs from the 23rd to the 25th. The tickets will cost us around $200 for the weekend, but dogs are banned. What do we do with Jack and Floyd? I heard a place in Rossville will board dogs for the two days. Jack and Floyd would be very well behaved, but I guess rules is rules.

3:30pm. Time to sneak into town and get some non-perishable food πŸ˜‰



The Secret Paradise Part Three

Ok then. I’ve finally managed to get myself organised. Sorry it’s taken so long… but you guys should be used to that by now. ;0)

Now, what were we up to?? Oh yeah, that’s right. ‘Happy Birthday Baby’… quick cook oats and coffee for breakfast… a day of exploring, etc.

We spent a lovely day exploring and re-discovering the bay. After breakfast we walked out onto the beach with our last cup of milky coffee. I swear that next time we go to a place like this, I’ll be a bit better prepared food-wise. I promise NOT to take too much food and not enough milk powder. Never mind… black coffee does not kill you (and besides, we all learn from our silly mistakes). We spent a lazy short time looking downward at pretty shells and washed up coral. Not really much else to say about that, except that it’s become one of my favourite passtimes lately and that I enjoyed it immensely, as always.

After that we took a little wander through the old garden areas. There wasn’t a single fruit tree left in any of them (not that we found anyway), but there were plenty of little pockets of pretty garden ornamentals. Kind of silly really… it re-inforced in me the idea that it was only the food species that National Parks wanted gone from the bay. We also saw our first pig this day, despite having seen lots of track and fresh diggings. It turns out that there are quite a few of them breeding up, getting cheekily un-afraid of humans and living a life of porcine luxury there, thanks to the government’s ban on pig hunting in national parks. Another anomaly, I guess. :0/ When I quizzed Brad on the subject of pigs back when the hippies were there, he told me that he never saw any near the people. I guess you would expect that.

It was good for me to see the remnants of the old hippy digs for the first time, but it was also sad to see all the weeds that have sprung up over the years. I asked Brad later what he thought of the decline of those areas and he told me that it saddened him too. We were both hoping to find something that had re-seeded… a citrus tree, an avocado or paw paw… anything. But this was not to be. The only food that we found were coconuts. Masses and masses of trees of all sizes. Perhaps it was all too hard to pull them all out, perhaps they tried but the trees all regrew, who knows? I’d like to think that it was an homage of sorts to Bill, the old man who was buried in the bay (Brad mentioned him in a previous post, I think). After all, he planted many of them there. Perhaps they left them out of the great respect he obviously deserved. That would be a nice thought. We found his grave, and the meagre remains around what had once been his house. We paid our respects and found a few nice shells down on the beach, which we added to the collection already on his grave. It was nice to see how many people had obviously respected him enough to do the same. From everything I’ve heard about him, he deserved it all.
RIP, Bill.

The houses/huts/shanties that were there back in the day were all torn down, but we did manage to find the remains of several places that had been built on stone foundations. It was good to see and gave us a whisper of the civilisation that once existed there. Mostly though, it was bush and rainforest… and weeds, of course. And there were plenty of miscellaneous little bits and pieces that once belonged in someone’s kitchen or bedroom… a rusty dented kettle, some old chipped cups, a scarf that had been hung in a tree. These things in little bunches near the old house sites suggested that they were carelessly thrown into the bush when the houses were destroyed. Yet another cruel reminder of beaurocratic ‘efficiency’… or perhaps a warning to ‘the ferals’ to keep out. Perhaps I’m a bit cynical, but they could have been collected and disposed of properly if they wanted the land returned to original condition as was stated, methinks.

And after all of that fun we retired back to our little campsite. Dinner was basic but quite yummy… risotto with dried soup vegetables. Again. Easy to carry, easy to cook. And let’s not forget the coconut juice and flesh for dessert.

A really lovely birthday for me, all told. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have our kids with us. We missed all of you guys heaps, but rest assured that you were all in our thoughts. It made me a little bit sad that I couldn’t hug you strongly to my chest… but then my favourite man smiled at me, kissed me and told me he loves me again.

What a brilliant birthday Baby. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you more than I can say!!

Two Weeks Without A Post!!? OMG!!

Damn! It’s been nearly two weeks since our last post. Sorry about that. Also, our credit wil run out sometime over the next couple of days. Just in case we don’t get back to this blog before then, don’t stress. We’re not dead and we’ll be back as soon as we earn enough money to buy more credit. And remember, the phone still works so you guys will still be able to phone us if you need to. ;0)

So, what have we been up to? Well, much of the same really. We’re still staying at Cooktown Motel and still cleaning the kitchen in exchange for free rent. We can’t do much today because it’s Sunday and all the banana pickers have the day off. This means that the kitchen is being used by someone all day long. Apart from a quick wipe this morning, it’s better to stay out of the way, really. As a result, Brad’s having a little snooze and I’m sitting by the pool updating you lot (been promising to do so for long enough).

So, how was your Easter, everyone? Ours was spent amongst nice company, and was also chocolate free. We missed all you guys like mad, though. We hope you all had a good one. Xx
We spent a good few late nights leading up to Easter down at the wharf hoping to catch a big barramundi for the bbq/party that the boys had planned for good friday… but alas, this was not to be. Not to worry… some visiting fishermen from Sydney supplied us all with more reef fish than we could possibly eat. Scott and Ahadi (pronounced Arty) still have a stash in their freezer. I might get Brad to fillet one up later today. The party was good, the food was great AND we didn’t have to clean up a thing afterwards… the backpackers took care of all of that. :0)

And even our Croc managed to bring something along to add to the festivities. I do hope that’s not the REAL Easter Bunny. I would hate to see all those kids out there miss out next year. I wonder what he’s got up his sleeve for Mother’s Day… ;0)

And apart from that, the only out-of-the-ordinary thing that’s happened is that we were pulled up by the police a couple of nights ago. Damn! No rego on the car. They don’t worry so much about that around these parts, but the law is the law. It just means a court appearance in June and a bit of a fine… also means we can’t drive ’round town any more… or to the beach… or anywhere else until it’s registered. Bugger. Bad timing! I suppose we should look for a bit more permanent job for a while, and postpone the rainforest trip for a while… again.

Anyway, there’s not much more I can add to all of that. I’ve put up a few more random pics of Cooktown, including some taken at the Gardens. The large snake is a display there, and carved out of a single piece of wood. I was quite impressed! And the flowers are Cooktown Orchids. They’re this town’s pride and joy and their image is depicted on many things up this way, although from all accounts they’re kind of hard to find in the wild.

Oh, and one more thing… we’re giving up smoking. Mostly because we’ve run out of both tobacco and money again, but also simply because we would like to. Wish us luck :0)


Just a quick one…


I’ll let Brad blog later on tonight. If he’s not too tired, that is. ;0)

Just had to show you this pic… Jack Dogg with today’s Carn… and a coconut. ;0)
Carpark at Finch Bay.

More Good News

I’ve got a job!

Brad’s on his second day driving the local RACQ recovery truck today, so I started the day thinking that I’d be spending the day entertaining myself. I’d planned on doing some shopping and washing some clothes, but figured the rest of my day would be full of sitting around under cool trees and dog-sitting.
I started off by heading down to the local IGA and wandered leasurely around, taking my time with the shopping. Didn’t take long though… it never does when you’re shopping for two, and especially when you can only buy dry food and stuff that’ll stay cool in an esky.

I was going to head down to the laundromat next, but changed my mind. Plenty of time for that later, I figured. Instead, I decided to head on down to the Information Centre where I could park up in the shade and let the dogs out of the car for a bit. I’d been wanting to stop in there and have a look around, and see of I could pick up some pamphlets that might tell me a little bit about the history of the area.

So I went in and had a bit of a chat with the fellow who works there and he gave me some stuff to read. Then I went back outside and boiled the billy to make coffee. I’d also treated myself to a plain brand fruit cake when I went shopping… hang the expense. Coffee and fruit cake with butter makes a nice morning tea.

I was perusing my pamphlets when Judy from @guurrbi tours gave me a call. She’d been down to the wharf looking for me, but of course I wasn’t there.

It turns out that Judy had been talking to a good friend of hers, Scott from The Cooktown Motel (also a backpackers) and he’d asked if she knew anyone artistic as he needed his crocodile (statue out front of the reception) painted.

‘As a matter of fact I do,’ she replied. He also mentioned that he needed to go to Cairns for a couple of days and needed a cleaner to help out with the rooms. She asked if I’d be interested… whaddya reckon? Course I was.

So anyway, I went down and met Scott and we had a good old yarn. He showed me around a bit and told me there’d be 4 or 5 rooms to service tomorrow and a couple more on Friday. Also, he said they were planning on pulling the furniture out of the rooms and giving them a good spring clean next week.

As for the croc… he’d decided to paint the statue yesterday, and since he wanted it to stand out he’d started painting it himself… red! He got part way through and decided that it looks shocking… well… ‘it looks like shit,’ were the words he used… I’m afraid I had to agree…

So as a result, I’ve also accepted my first artistic commission. Not sure what I’ll do with the old fella, but it won’t be hard to make an improvement, I’m sure ;0)

Oh… and one more thing. I found out last night that it’s probably not a very good idea to camp at Finch Bay. It got a bit stormy last night. No rain to speak of, but lots of thunder and lightning… good croc breeding weather. They started barking in the mangroves not long after the thunder started. Jack got worried… he started crying at my window and wouldn’t shut up until I let them into the car. Obviously he doesn’t trust logs with teeth either… ;0)

But Billy snores and hogs the bed… might leave him out as bait next time… croc is supposed to taste real good.

I AM just kidding, guys…

An Update Post For Twisty

This post is especially for the Twistyman (but that doesn’t mean that the rest of you can’t read too). Yep, I SHOULD send you an email, but then I’d have to do a blog post anyway… so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and put our news here. I know you read our blog. Forgive me Cuz, and feel free to call me a lazy-ass if you like ;0)

I’m sorry this update isn’t a little more personal, my friend, but I get really frustrated trying to type on this phone. For someone who is a 55+ word per minute typist, making a post on the phone really is like trying to walk a mile on my knees. And then the stupid thing tends to replace words I’ve typed with something idiotic and completely unrelated. That’s probably the main reason I haven’t added much to the blog lately. I’ll have to just stop being so easily frustrated, I think.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool little machine otherwise. And considering that it cost about a tenth of the amount a new laptop, phone, gps, camera and music player would, it was a damned bargain! But I know you miss the personal contact.

We have a saying here in Aus… ‘Take a spoonful of cement and harden the fuck up!’ I think in this case that saying applies to me… so here I am, starting to set.

Now… I’ll get on with it… ;0)

So, we left Rockhampton (yes, you obviously know that already). We left a day or two after we’d originally planned because the highway north had been cut near Ingham by flooding (yes, again). We also knew however, that the river there rises and falls pretty quickly, so figured that it would clear within a day or so. As it was, the rain stopped and we were lucky… either that or pretty clever. I’ll leave that up to you to decide ;0)

The drive up was pretty uneventful really, apart from the rest stop in Bowen. We specifically planned on stopping there because they have a public rest stop area with public toilets and because it used to be a friendly little town (note I said used to be…)

In QLD drivers are legally allowed to stop at a public rest stop for up to 20 hours to battle fatigue. It’s also considered ‘dangerous driving’ to drive whilst tired and one can be booked for doing so. But apparently some councils don’t like the idea of travellers stopping in their towns unless they’re going to spend money on accommodation.

So, a council power jockey comes along at around 8-ish and speaks to a truckie who had also stopped there. He told this fellow that he was allowed to stop for up to 20hrs (so obviously he knows the law). However he didn’t even approach our car… but he did come back and wake us up at around 2am.

‘You can’t camp here’ he says (whilst allowing truck driver to sleep blissfully in his cab). ‘I’m not going to fine you this time (terribly generous of him), but if you’re not gone by morning I will HAVE to’.

Now, I’d hate to suggest that Council Cop lied to us. It’s entirely possible that Bowen has laws unto itself that are completely contradictory to QLD law. Personally though, I choose to believe that the motel across the road takes exception to people stopping for free when they have plenty of rooms that they can charge for…

Needless to say, we left very early in the morning feeling decidedly unwelcome… and we didn’t bother spending any money there before we left either. Not even a cup of coffee and breakfast. We figured our money wasn’t good enough for them. Thanks for your hospitality, Bowen.

We first noticed the results of Tropical Cyclone Yasi around Townsville. There were quite a few trees down or damaged along the highway, and even more in the city itself. It was a bit sobering and we began to get a bit of an idea of how scary it must have been. But (without meaning to trivialise Townsville’s experience), their damage paled to insignificance in comparison to that of towns like Cardwell and Tully. They really copped the worst of it… whole forests destroyed, crops flattened, roads damaged and/or completely washed away in places, mountains that should have been covered in rainforest now sporting bare broken sticks. Many houses with no roofs, almost every second building damaged in some way… we even saw one house that was just a floor with a tarp covering what was left of their furniture etc.

It was completely overwhelming… I cried a little bit…

Anyway, finally we made it safely to Cairns. We were, as I said earlier, very lucky really. The river at Ingham was just under the bridge when we went through. A day later it started raining again and the highway was cut once again. It was nice and hot and sunny most of the time we were travelling. So much so that we both ended up sunburnt… Brad on his right side (he drove) and me on my left :0)

Once in Cairns, we lobbed at Barnesy’s place. He’s an old school friend of Brad’s, and he’s been trying to get us to come up this way for ages. He and his lovely wife Chi were happy to have us park Jimmy in their back yard for a bit. We’re very grateful for their hospitality.

Now, Barnesy is a professional fisherman, and I think he rather enjoyed having Brad go fishing with him. But Brad soon found out that he no longer has sea legs. I shouldn’t stir… ;0)

But, with the rain, the fish weren’t biting well. I’m pretty sure that Barnesy actually lost money on the two trips they made. It’s a worry, especially when he needs to fish to pay the rent. I really hope things pick up for him soon.

Now, there’s not a lot of seasonal work (fruit picking etc) in Cairns itself. It’s a huge city now… not like the sleepy little tourist town it used to be the last time either of us were there. Things change in 20yrs, I guess.

It would have been nice if we could have stayed a bit longer, but we need to support ourselves too. Barnesy suggested that we register for ‘the dole’ (unemployment benefits), but we’re proud. The dole is wonderful for those who need it, but we’re both fit and healthy… we don’t like to take advantage… not when we’re capable of working. Perhaps this pride will lessen if we can’t find work…

So, we left Cairns and travelled up the mountain to Kuranda… for two reasons. Firstly, we figured that work might be a bit easier to find… secondly because it’s a very pretty town and we wanted to look around a bit. For a little while I entertained the thought that I may be able to sell some of my art to one of the galleries there. But I was so totally blown away by the quality of what I saw that I didn’t even ask.

Now, I think you’d love Kuranda, Bob. It’s an arty, hippy place settled in the mountain rainforest. The town supports one of the most famous markets in QLD. It’s long been a hippy community, although nowadays it’s very touristy. Still beautiful though, and full of amazing freaks (stated in a very loving way). I love it. We might go back one day, the stalls at the old markets are cheap. We should be able to think of something we can sell… art, photos, maybe jewellery or tie-dyed clothes…

But the need for $$ won out in the end. We decided that we needed to move on to find some ‘now work’. Some locals suggested that Mareeba might yield a better result for us… it’s a fruit town. There’s always work there, they suggested… and they don’t mind seasonal workers stopping at their rest stop for a few days. So we bid Kuranda a fond farewell and headed off.

We pulled into this rest stop on Friday afternoon. We figured we’d stop for the night and start asking around the next morning. But… Jimmy had other ideas. The radiator was empty when Brad checked on it. At first we assumed the old thing had finally blown a hole somewhere. But then Jimmy made some horrible noises when Brad started him up… uh oh. Suddenly it became all too clear just where all that water went to… into the motor. Damn… it seemed that poor old Jimmy had found his nirvana.

But Steve, a fellow homeless traveller (Brad mentioned him yesterday) suggested that the head gasket was probably the problem. He gave us a bottle of Chemiweld (liquid metal stuff you put in the motor to patch it up). Brad drained the water out of the sump and added the stuff. Jimmy coughed a bit, but after a little while he fired up properly. You legend, Steve!

So now it appears that Jimmy has come back to life… Yay!!

Let’s see how he goes tomorrow. With any luck he’ll get us up the road a bit more. There’s a good chance we’ll get some work at a place some other travellers recommended. They worked there and said they were nice people with plenty of work. That’ll be our first stop tomorrow morning.

So, that’s about all I can tell you for now, Bob. And now I’m off… my back is sore and my head is getting fuzzy. It’s 11.30pm now… been at this since 8.30. Damn this slow typing ;0)

Take care Cuz. I promise I won’t leave it so long next time. And now it’s your turn. I expect a nice long email detailing EVERYTHING. I think you know what we want to know. Oh, and say hello to those boys for us… tell those couple of special ones to drop in and say hi. We miss you all.

Be good, my friend… and if you can’t be good, make sure that you’re damned good at it ;0)

Lots of love and kisses,
Tina and Brad

Some Animal Pics

We’ll be cleaning out this little notebook tonight, and I found some animal pics that I’ve been meaning to put up. No time like the present, eh? Let’s start with some birds…

( BTW, These may well be the last pics you see from us for a while….)

This Pied Butcher Bird was watching me from a big old Banyan Fig at the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens. These birds have a gorgeous song and are beautifully curious. But during breeding season they will often swoop anything they see as a threat to their babies…


Pied Butcher Bird



This Cassowary lives at the zoo at Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. Cassowaries are large flightless birds, similar is size to Emus. The large bony crest on their head is used in mating and territorial displays, and can cause great injury. These birds live in the rainforest and forage fruits. There are not many of these birds in the wild, and the native population suffered quite a blow (pardon the pun) in TC Yasi.





A close-up look at Old Man (or old lady, I’m not 100% sure) Emu…





… This is what I think our Coat of Arms SHOULD look like…


Coat of Arms



Sick of birds? Well, how cute is this sweet little Joey… I know women who’d kill for lashes like that… πŸ˜‰


Kangaroo Joey



This is a close-up shot of a Crocodile’s tail… the little speck is a tiny water snail. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in any danger. This is only a Freshie (Fresh Water Crododile… much more placid of the two species), and he lives at the Rockhampton zoo. I wasn’t really all that close, and there was a fence in the way. Freshie or not, I’m not that brave…


Crocodile Tail and Snail



One of my own favourite Aussie animals, the Dingo has an independent and regal air, unlike most dog species. But I also know from experience how dangerous and vicious these wild dogs can be. Several years ago we lost two dogs to Dingo attacks… and it was enough to breed a very healthy respect for this particular animal.


Dingo on Guard



The Lace Monitor, commonly known simply as a Goanna, can grow to a length of 3 or more metres. Approximately half of that length is tail, but that still makes for an intimidating lizard. They have long sharp claws to climb trees, tough armoured skin and a mouth full of sharp little teeth for tearing apart the carrion that they eat.


Lace Monitor



And last, but definitely not least… this little guy is kinda special.Β  We don’t see many of these Striped Marsh Frogs around these parts. But I’m guessing that the population has flourished after our recent floods. This little guy decided to cool himself off in our granddaughter’s wading pool.


Striped Marsh Frog


Ok then, I’ll head off for now. Hopefully the next time you hear from me we’ll be in Cairns… if not on the road. πŸ˜‰


Correction: We DRIVE to FNQ

Well, after a disappointing finishing payout from Brad’s work, we’ve had to admit defeat already. We can’t afford to buy pushbikes, trailers, etc, let alone support ourselves for the month or two the trip would take. So we’ve had to take the cheapest option available to us. We’ve arranged for a permit to drive Jimmy up, and will leave in the morning.

We’re headed to Cairns first, where a good friend is going to help us out with some work. The plan is to save up enough $$ to buy what we need (solar system, new laptop etc) and then head bush. It may be another few months down the track, but at least we won’t be in Rocky. πŸ˜‰

Oh, another deviation from the plan. We had to change our minds in regard to buying a new laptop, internet connection etc (also due to said affore-mentioned disappointing finishing pay). But, in having to save some money, we happened upon a rather cool bargain. We now have a Garmin Asus Nuvifone A50… for the non-geeks, that’s a flash new android phone/GPS/internet machine. No good for any photo editing or art work, but we don’t really need that for now… the laptop can come at another time. The important thing is that we have contact with the special people. Aaand, it IS a pretty cool little gadget.

And, I think we’ve become addicted to Angry Birds…


Sad News, Sweet Relief and… OMG Babies are, like, soooo cute!


This post contains news of the death of a frog. If this will upset you… you probably shouldn’t read any further.

I was cleaning up yesterday… sorting and organising our stuff. In doing this, I found a total of 4 frogs in amongst our possessions. Now, for those who don’t know… this is not an unusual occurrence. We have a pet Green Tree Frog (NOTE: he’s a wild and FREE frog who chooses to live with us) that we call Stony (see my avatar). He regularly brings friends home. You can read about him here if you like…

Anyway, we’ve been parked up at my daughter’s place since before the floods and our stuff has (as tends to happen) migrated around the immediate area slightly… and it seems to have been breeding while I wasn’t looking. So I decided to take the opportunity to tidy things a bit.

As I was cleaning, re-packing and moving boxes around I came across a total of 4 Green Tree Frogs in amongst our stuff. Now, Stony is just the same as all other Green Tree Frogs (green), and very hard to distinguish from an imposter. The only way I really know him is by the fact that he won’t try to hop away if I pick him up. He even puts up with Ella prodding and patting him as long as he’s sitting on my hand… he knows I won’t let her hurt him. And I have been surprised by a cold little wet thwack as he jumps up onto my lap or shoulder more than once. I really do think that he loves me, in his own froggy little way. Anyway, I digress…

Needless to say, I usually check for Stony when I pack the car up. His normal haunt is in the tub we use for our washing… but he wasn’t there yesterday. I found all 4 of them hiding down in the corner behind our stuff… nice and cool. I picked each of them up so that I could pack the stuff in the car without inadvertently harming them. The first 3 struggled and tried to hop away, so I tossed them over the fence towards the neighbour’s rather nice fruit trees. The forth calmly sat on my palm and looked at me.

“Hey Stony,” I said. I swear he smiled…

I put Stony up on top of the fence and told him to wait there until I had everything packed up in the car. Then got on with my work.

Well, to cut a long story short… I was hot and buggered (and just a little pissed off) by the time I’d gotten everything packed up in the car. I was going to sit down and have a breather, but all I could see when I did was the mess of leaves and dirt and stuff under the car. Normally I can look at a mess and not even worry… but when I’m pissed off mess just pisses me off more. I HAD to do something about it before I tried to relax.

“I’ll just move the car out of the carport and hose it out,” I figured.

… …

As I started to roll forward, I heard a pop…

(Now please let me make this clear… I’m not trying to make light of this. I was horrified. I love frogs. I still feel like a murderer) 😦

I don’t mean to be too graphic… but I knew as soon as I heard it that it was a frog pop. I stopped and I was almost too afraid to get out and look. Then, to top it off, I suddenly remembered little Stony sitting on top of the fence. I’d been so annoyed that I’d forgotten to grab him and let him climb back into his box.

As I said, Stony has no distinguishing features apart from his personality… and this frog wasn’t showing too much of that. He was very much a dead frog. I looked up on the top of the fence… no Stony. I cried a little…

I picked the poor thing up and disposed of it as quickly and respectfully as possible. My fingers almost burned where I touched it. As I hosed out the carport I deriding myself for being so selfishly unthinking. Crankiness aside, I should have been thinking enough to check the tyres, I know that. By the time I finished I was in a VERY dark mood, mostly with myself. “F’ck’t,” I figured. “I’m sitting down and having a smoke.”


A green frog landed on the cement beside my chair. After a short initial period of stunned stupor, he turned his head and looked at me. Another cute thing that Stony does is tilt his head side to side when he’s looking at you… like a cute little green puppy (maybe he learned it from our dogs, who knows). The frog on the floor did that…

“Stony?” I still wasn’t sure. Until, that is, the frog jumped under my chair towards the spot where our stuff had been. He looked around and climbed up the wall a bit before looking back at me with his cute little head tilt thing going on (‘what th fuk you did wit me home, Dudette?’).

Then he suddenly leaped up onto the chair next to me. My bag was sitting on the chair and he promptly climbed up on top of it and sat looking at me (‘don’ forgetz ME Mum’). I cried a little bit again, this time with a bit of a smile on my face.

I still feel bad for the other frog, but I’m so, so glad that Stony’s ok.

And as for the validity of baby cuteness…

I took our 15-month-old granddaughter shopping the other day. Mum was a bit stressed about bottles and stuff, but I’m an old hand at this… and I was cashed up, so I figured we could cater for a little spoiling if she got ornery. I grabbed two nappies, the wipes and my youngest daughter to be my ‘runner’ (too old to chase babies around, smart enough to delegate the job), and cheerfully headed off.

I had an ulterior motive… I wanted to buy her something cool. I don’t really like grocery shopping, but shopping for toys is a perfectly acceptable time-waster… especially when it comes to grandkids, I’ve discovered. But I wanted her to choose something… she’s a very smart little girl and has very definite tastes. Yeah yeah, I know… all grandparents think that, but she really IS very clever. I wanted to see what she would prefer to play with herself, given the chance.

So, our first stop was the baby aisle. I must say, I’m a bit disappointed. I know Ella isn’t a ‘baby’ any more, but the toys there were way too young for her. She was more interested in the pretty dummies (pacifiers) than any of the toys.Β  So it wasn’t long before we decided to move along to the ‘big kid’ aisle…

She looked at everything. She reached for the cars so I pulled a few down and gave them to her to look at. Cool for a little while, but she quickly tired of them. Next we had a look at one of those little projector things… she thought that was cool but her little fingers couldn’t push the lever to change the picture so she tossed it too.

Bubbles came next… ‘bubbles’ is one of Ella’s words. Now, I have to say here that Ella ‘talks’ already… at least she tries to. She can say some words and she make heaps of word-sounds, but she doesn’t do too well at stringing them together. She does try to tell you things though, and what comes out of her mouth is both surprising and incredibly cute. She sounds like she’s speaking another language… I’m waiting for some Ukranian or Zimbabwian lady to come up to us in the supermarket and have a full-on conversation with her. She also knows a few basic signs… hello, love you, come here, drink etc… and moves her hands in very similar ways to signing. Sometimes the similarity to her hand signals and real signs is trippy.

She does this ‘talking’ thing often, especially if she’s excited or if she’s been out or after she’s had a sleep. She uses her hands and speaks her little foreign language (punctuated with the odd chuckle to highlight the funny bits) and gets all animated… just like she’s trying to tell you about her ideas or adventures or dreams. People are spun out all the time.

Now, I don’t like to use baby-talk, and usually I speak to Ella as though I really DO understand what she’s saying and expect her to respond… because she does. We have big old convos… sometimes she even seems to get my lame old jokes. But… I’m digressing again…

So there we are in the toy aisle. Suddenly Ella spies the Barbie dolls…

“Oooh,” she says as she points at them. Bad Nanna comes to the fore…

“Oh no WAY! You’re not having one of them. No granddaughter of mine is going to grow up with that stereo-type… ” I didn’t even touch them.

And Ella was happy with that… we moved on to the musical Sesame St toys and she quickly forgot about plastic bimbo role models. She loves music and dancing and was quickly ensconsed in trying and re-trying the buttons on Elmo’s guitar, Cookie’s Sax and Ernie’s Violin. A much better and more entertaining toy for a 15-m-o…

But then… an old lady halfway down the aisle caught my eye. She was actually frowning at me. The look she gave me was the ‘What kind of grandmother are you? Every little girl yearns for a Barbie’ kind of look… pure daggers. And then… I swear… she audibly sniffed and threw her nose up in the air and turned and walked away. I haven’t seen anyone do that since the last time I watched a Shirley Temple movie. Woah! Passive aggressive MUCH!

So, Ella ended up choosing Elmo’s guitar. It plays 3 different Sesame St songs and makes different chord sounds with the strum button, Elmo says ‘Rock’n’Roll’ a lot… and it even has a wah-wah bar! Bargain toy! She didn’t want to look at anything else after that.

We carried on the shopping while she sat in the seat, happily banging her head as she rocked on to the music that she was playing. I told you she likes to dance, didn’t I? And every time I said ‘Rock’n’Roll’ she’d push the button that makes Elmo say it too. She even did the ‘rock music’ sign to people a couple of times. Well… I think every person in the supermarket melted from the inside… … even the old lady with the dagger-stare.

Yes, Purple-haired Dragon-lady… I saw that smile over the top of the pluots… even if you DID look away when I spotted you. πŸ˜‰

But I’m kinda used to it now… lately I’ve taken to watching everyone else’s expressions. Ella has an uncanny way of making everyone feel as though life is full and good and rich… and I’m happy to share my wealth…

… for a little while, at least.


Today’s Re-Tweets (about the #floodlevy)

This is my last word on this #floodlevy (well, I’ll say that for now but knowing me…). Of course I’ll answer comments etc, but I’m not going to waste any more space on this blog for this matter. I was going to add this as a comment on the last post, but I think it deserves the attention of its’ very own post. But no more after this… ok??

Actually, these are not my words… they’re the words of those Aussies on Twitter who felt the need to say something about this levy. I have tried not to choose only those that mirror my view… hell, I’m not really all that sure what my own view is anyway.

I wanted to get a general idea of public consensus on this, and Twitter seems to be a good (and increasingly popular) way of getting it. Some of the following are tweets from politicians, some are from news sources, and some are from every-day nobodies just like me. Some are for the levy, some against, some with a political bent. Some are heartfelt, some indignant, some rather ignorant and mis-informed. Some are serious and some are very tongue-in-cheek… but they’re all the words of people like us… Aussies.

I’m pretty sure that whatever your particular view, you’ll find it voiced amongst all of this. And I’m also pretty sure that some of what you read will frustrate you. I wasn’t aware how much I RT’d I started copying them in here… sorry for that. But I would encourage discussion, if that’s what you choose. … we really can’t find any reasonable answer without discussion, can we?

As for me… well, it won’t affect me so why should I care? More importantly, why should my opinion matter??

These are the tweets that I Re-Tweeted immediately after Julia Gillard’s press conference, and through to the evening of Jan 27 2011. They are in no particular order, apart from the order that I Re-Tweeted them. I start with the tweets Julia Gillard made herself directly after the conference.

  • JuliaGillard The Gillard Govt will make an upfront payment of $2billion to Qld so rebuilding can start in flood affected communities immediately.
  • JuliaGillard The #floodlevy will not be paid by anyone directly affected by the floods, as I explained in my speech today JG
  • JuliaGillard Someone earning $60K will pay less than $1/week for the #floodlevy. A calculator is available here JG
  • macleanbrendan Damn! I dropped $4 down a drain pipe. I was gonna use that to buy a coffee to stay up and complain about the #floodlevy.
  • scottpettet I don’t object to the flood levy, but I DO object to the poor handling of public monies that now sees us needing a levy #floodlevy
  • phil_bonanno after cycling through 2 rounds of stimulus payments, Australian retailers were about to get back on solid footing. Then came the #floodlevy.
  • koosli Your donation is to help people. The levy is to rebuild infrastructure. They ain’t the same. #floodlevy
  • RightNowImBored #floodlevy wow more tax? pretty sure there’s a special slush fund, that the gov have collected over the years, saved for natural disasters
  • patriciakumar fiscal mismanagement (whatever the fuck that means) by gov doesn’t mean we make qld suffer for it. #floodlevy
  • GreensMPs Greens remain open to flood levy but climate program cuts make no sense #floodlevy
  • AshaAvani RT @shanecollihole “Join the Julia Gillard Flood Donation. Actually, you don’t need to sign up… You’ve all joined!!!!” #floodlevy
  • nic_in_zurich @JuliaGillard Canceling climate change programs to pay for flood impacts is a quick fix with longterm negative impacts #floodlevy
  • skkng @ClaireRConnelly I don’t mind paying, but this govt doesn’t know ‘to save money for a rainy day’ or manage its money full stop. #floodlevy
  • bellelumiere I am pro #floodlevy & happy to give what is fair and reasonable to help build infrastructure within my country. Under $5 seems fair to me.
  • 3AW693 Wayne Swan tells 3AW a ‘National Disaster Fund’ will be discussed in coming months but defends today’s tax announcement #FloodLevy
  • rexmal The PM gives us a brand new Flood Levy & we complain, how ungrateful are we? #floodlevy
  • debonbon If you earn $60,000 a year and are whining about paying a whole $50 you are a selfish prick. #floodlevy
  • hmoffatt lots of ignorance on display on #floodlevy . donations are irrelevant, they are going to Qld govt fund and Red Cross (Vic), not federal govt
  • SheedysLeftFoot I’d support a #floodlevy, if it was fair and permanent and used to protect all Australian’s against Flood, Fire and Drought.
  • grantstowell Julia just made a donation to the flood levy on my behalf of approx $190. I already support the Salvation Army. #slappedagain #floodlevy
  • Princeyprince Probably it is not very clever to rebuild houses in the same spot using the $ from the #floodlevy
  • girlclumsy Someone on $100,000 a year will pay an extra $250 in #floodlevy. Might mean they get the new iPad a few weeks after release. #hmmm
  • peterjcaseytwit I will cheerfully double my #floodlevy in order to fund action on climate change AND help the flood-ravaged.
  • seekereleven My understanding is that I will be paying all of a $1.50 per week on the #floodlevy. I’m happy to do so. Suck it up whingers
  • mrchriswagner When reading the comments on all the #floodlevy stories, it frightens me how aggressive and uninformed Aussies are #thebigwet
  • SawHole I think some Australians think the only type of giving they need to do is tossing a coin at the Salvos @ the pub. #floodlevy
  • clairealana My my, hasn’t this #floodlevy got people talking.
  • kristinalford RT @mtchl: Hey Gillard, I’ve got a wild idea for funding recovery from a climatic disaster. How about A PRICE ON CARBON! #facepalm
  • I_enigma @3AW693 NO – just look at the bushfire rebuilding (or lack of) and look at newcastle some 20yrs on #floodlevy
  • erin_richmond I DON’T object to #floodlevy, but can someone explain to me why the govt can’t dip into this ‘contingency reserve’? Is it purely political?
  • misskylie77 So a day after Australia day, we are discovering that “mateship” & a “fair go” have a price #irony #floodlevy
  • montyhamilton Govt should be able to fund $5.6b natural disaster if it can fund $43b #NBN & $42b stimulus; insulation program alone cost $3.9b!
  • branwelltravers I’d prefer to pay a #floodlevy of $1.44 a week rather than the government cutting funding to the schools, hospitals and defence. #Auspol
  • piers888 I want to pay the #floodlevy just to annoy Tony Abbott
  • timreverb If you’re going to take 1% of my income to pay the #floodlevy, please don’t blindly rebuild on flood-prone land.
  • ShitMyRangaSays Mmmmm latte. #floodlevy
  • OsheaDean People are being incredibly two faced about the #floodlevy – you either want to help (as many professed passionately) or you don’t.
  • RobLindner89 A good government should put money aside for natural disasters. Why didn’t ours? What did they spend it on instead? #floodlevy
  • MavericSpeedcus consider the #floodlevy a forced donation to those who need our help. i’d rather pay $100 than watch all my shit go underwater #stopbitching
  • davesact $50 for $50,000+ earners and $250 for $100,000+ earners… Harden up and pay the bloody #floodlevy 1.8 Billion off 5 Billion bill.
  • auTODAY #floodlevy Julia will need to convince the hung parliament her package is good || LOL pardon the pun via Ten news
  • Tranda_Paton β€œ@JuliaGillard: Someone earning $60K will pay less than $1/week for the #floodlevy. //Ridiculous and I am not a fan. Should allow donations
  • matthern Not exempting charitable donors is a disincentive – I suspect that next disaster more may hesitate to donate. Your thoughts? #floodlevy
  • GPRollins You have no idea how depressing it is to make a mostly tongue in cheek comment, only to find Abbott has had the same idea. #FloodLevy #NBN
  • JLStockdale @JuliaGillard Does our government determine what is fair or do the constituents? #laborfail #floodtax #npc #floodlevy
  • doddas Not sure how I feel about #floodlevy. I want to help an have donated but if it’s based on the Medicare levy it won’t effect me.
  • d0connor Well I’m off to drink beer, possibly vodka or gin mixed with an assortment of juice products as well. #floodlevy
  • I_enigma RT @hapidaze: is not impressed by the stoopid #floodlevy I pay my taxes, get little in return and now I’m slugged again.
  • rudeboyninja I’ve already donated more than the pittance the levy will cost me & happy to chip in a bit more to help out. Damn conservatives! #floodlevy
  • HLCoops people need to get onboard with the #floodlevy – we expect our leaders to make these tough but necessary decisions
  • icanseeit @JuliaGillard Your #floodlevy is unfair, unnecessary and ridiculous. What about money in the contingency funds? You need to do better!
  • NathanLee Screw the #FloodLevy instead tax miners, cut school chaplains, stop private school rorts & tax churches =$billions. #AusPol #qldFloods
  • branwelltravers Abbott and the Liberals have a very short memory – Gun Levy, Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Ansett Levy & Sugar Levy #FloodLevy #AusPol
  • Matt_Kunkel If one schooner a week is what it will take to get this country moving, I’ll happily pay a #floodlevy for my mates in need
  • emmsyish The #floodlevy isn’t to rebuild houses, it’s for infrastructure. The ignorance. It hurts.
  • Pete_of_Eltham So if I quit my job for a far lesser one, get my wife out in the workforce, earn the same, I pay 90% less. #floodlevy Total crap.
  • StGusface Flood levy to cost most NOTHING Median wage is 45k #floodlevy #fact
  • jazir1979 how does “affected by the floods” equate to “received a Disasster Recovery Payment”? #floodlevy @JuliaGillard
  • Dpek #floodlevy = escape for insurance companies Tranda_Paton Where are The Hollowmen when we need them? #floodlevy
  • nightkhaos @GPRollins *slams head against the way over and over* No. Just no. I have explained why that won’t work 3 times TODAY. #nbn #floodlevy
  • princessnowhere I’d be really fucking surprised if anyone earning $50-100K+p/a would’ve NOTICED the #floodlevy amount if they hadn’t been told about it.
  • branwelltravers As Australians we believe in mateship and a fair go for all especially in times of trouble. #floodlevy
  • NewsAtEleven Alternative to #floodlevy: Legalise gay marriage and use the incoming tourism bucks. Simple AND gets the UNHRC off your backs, Julia.
  • bglilley I’d pay the #floodlevy (don’t earn enough), but I’m opposed to it. Delay the surplus and increase net spending.
  • Godismylawyer #floodlevy news crew spoke to vols saying keep up the work guys you wont have to pay the levy wrong they were from brigades not affected
  • miss_yolie @Keg I know right. The incompassion of people astound me. It’s as though they’ve been asked to part with their first born. #floodlevy
  • tmc071 waddawewant?qld fixed after the floods!! whendowewantit? NOW! youwantustopaywhat??? #floodlevy
  • climatecentre Beggars belief that govt would choose to cut climate programs 2 fund climate-related disaster relief RT @senatormilne
  • laurafayepoole Mixed reaction to #floodlevy in Vic town Charlton, hit by floods. Some say the levy isn’t a long term solution to natural disaster rebuild
  • boscoross This is a one-off levy; there will be no more floods! #floodlevy BabsNation #6pm
  • Hugh Rimmington “Most people won’t pay anything” towards the #floodlevy. Huh????
  • stewie48 gillard = ABSOLUTE COW!! #floodlevy
  • benjya85 Interesting reading people’s opinions on the #floodlevy. Personally I don’t mind, I’m just over the threshold, but it will hardly affect me.
  • John_Hanna I got a cheaper wine for dinner tonight. Can pay my #FloodLevy for an extra 8 weeks. #Win
  • jenelleeeeee The #floodlevy is for infrastructure. Without infrastructure society can’t function. Quit whining, its not that much.
  • jamesdrax I believe in being charitable by my own choice, not to have money forcibly scooped from my pay packet by the state. #floodlevy
  • johnkung Is it Tuesday? Why are there so many tightarses around? #floodlevy
  • ajs071 Are the people who cannot afford booze and smokes but still buy them, are these the people against this levy? #floodlevy
  • ShortBlokeJosh Is this #floodlevy to help qld get out of debt or to rebuild?Where was the #firelevy when Victoria had Black Saturday ? #Ivedonated
  • jameslee84 Budget Surplus is not our problem! RT @paulsnedden@JuliaGillard, why did I bother donating if Im now being forced to donate again?#floodlevy
  • heather2711 I do not like this flood levy. Why aren’t there provisions for disaster recovery already built into the budget? #floodlevy
  • givemethecure The irony of the #floodlevy angering the “Small Government” opposition is that they expect the “Big Government” they oppose to pay for it
  • WhyPaulHowes Our Qld marginal seat retention strategy has started today. Thanks for the $1.8 billion Australia! #floodlevy #auspol #swan13
  • nayby69 I’m for the #floodlevy, I’m not for some being excluded (low income, flood victims). We need to come together as a nation to rebuild!
  • amosaikman Given this precedent, will there be a means test governing which natural disasters deserve a #floodlevy from now on? @JuliaGillard
  • dbreban_18 It seems the only groups supporting this tax are unaffected income earners and left wing journalists. #floodlevy #auspol
  • geehall1 RT @theheraldsun: Bligh thanks Australians for levy #qldfloods
  • abcnews Barnett defies Abbott over flood levy.
  • dougoldmeadow Will my #floodLevy be used to build flood levees so as to avoid further Flood Levy’s ?#StuffIWonder
  • EdHobbs75 Aussies happy to take the $900 bribe that landed in their bank account back in 2009 but they’ll be crippled by $1 a week #floodlevy
  • azizikhan Aust public don’t want a business driven govt. Like S’pore. So you end up with paying tax. You get what you put in. #floodlevy
  • I_enigma @stormbikes don’t worry – I agree with you, I got shouted down this morning #floodlevy
  • PrettyPennyLane #floodlevy so will this money only be used for Qld flood affected infrastructure or flood affected infrastructure in other states as well?
  • BeachyPeach Would be interested to see if any people bitching about #floodlevy receive any gov benefits like baby bonus and the family tax benefit.
  • JohnnyCowan We all need to do our part, we can’t say we love the people and country without making a contribution. the #floodlevy is needed!
  • vijaybala Me thinks #Labor’s $12.7 billion cash handout in 2009 could have been put aside for a rainy day (literally) #floodlevy
  • josephryan79 Not averse to #floodlevy, needs 2 be spent in right place, not rebuilding on floodplain. Don’t know why we don’t have the $ already though!
  • EggplantHero The idea that just because you can “afford” a tax it is a good thing is ridiculous. #floodlevy
  • tmc071 oh dont start on the fireworks again. #floodlevy
  • Mezmoo74 think I would have preferred the politicians to take a pay cut than to force a tax on everyone #floodlevy
  • fdonnelly If the #floodlevy gets passed, I hope the govt controls and spends the funds better than they did with the BER
  • master_grundy If the Libs were prepared to give some margin on getting on the budget into surplus, perhaps the #floodlevy wouldn’t be needed.
  • speckledblack the idea of the #floodlevy sucks, it’s not about how much money ppl lose from it. It’s a bucket of cold water after the generous donations
  • Andy_Downunda When it comes 2 rebuilding after natural disasters shouldn’t we b influenced more by desire 2 help rather than our after-tax income? #auspol
  • 612brisbane 612 ABC Brisbane #floodlevy poll. 493 votes SMS/Twitter/phone. Permanent levy 38.7%, No levy 34.3%, One-off levy 27.0%.
  • brisbanetimes Flood damage bill to be revealed today by Treasurer Andrew Fraser
  • geehall1 @5MillionPeople: #green programs in #Australia have bn hit hard by spending cuts to help pay for #qldfloods #vicfloods

For the record… these are my #floodlevy related tweets…

  • OneGreenBus This flood= temp #floodlevy What about Cyclones Another levy? Nother 4 bushfires? This sets precedent Perm #disasterfund wld b better option
  • OneGreenBus We Aussies DO support mates UnAussie tht govt wants 2 MAKE us pay more #floodlevy If needed ask Don’t take How bout incent 4 lge bus donats
  • OneGreenBus #floodlevy incent 4 lge bus donats
  • OneGreenBus Collectng temp #floodlevy instead of perm #disasterfund not v smart Weather happens Would b nice 2kno we covered nxt time Looking long term
  • OneGreenBus @JuliaGillard @TheQldPremier #floodlevy ASK us 2contribute more U know we will Weve all seen just how much we will give

And finally… just a little food for thought…

  • philo_quotes The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. ~ William James
  • Emperor_Bob A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. ~ Winston Churchill
  • Emperor_Bob Keep cool; anger is not an argument. ~ Daniel Webster
  • Bern_Morley Hommus. Who knew. #Ilikeit


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