Five Months

Before we go on … The ‘Cure For Life’ foundation is an organisation that is devoted to finding a cure for brain cancer/tumors. I haven’t looked yet, but their site is
I’ll be having a good look and may offer input about a combinination of Soursop, Paw-Paw and cannabis oil. All three plants’ fruits have been shown to have ‘Cancer killing’ properties in lab and animal testing. Put quite simply, different compounds in all three plants induce death in cancerous cells, without damaging healthy cells. When will human trials be approved? We are talking about three relatively easy to procure or grow, plants. Two are completely legal in every way. Why aren’t clinical trials being conducted now?
Julia Gillard. You could make change. But I seriously doubt you’ll *ever* read this post. You’re a very busy person.
OK. Enough frustraton.

*This was the original post, before I added the above*
It has been Five months now since my Baby flew with the eagles. I thought I’d put some pics up here today (which was Wednesday). They’ve been up before. Some of them at least. Maybe some of you might like them. Eight months of photos of my sweetheart. We really didn’t like having our photos taken, so consider these rarities. Photos taken between March and October 2011.


On the 13 March 2012 at the Barron River rest stop, just East of Mareeba. This was when Jimmy blew a gasket & Phil came to our rescue. He helped us out with some cash & we got Jimmy running again. We spent a week here if I recall correctly.


On the 21st of March, we got down to the Little Annan crossing for a look. Tina made a cairn in honour of the kids. She left many of these in random places.


22nd of March, on Grassy Hill Cooktown. She was so happy to be here. She beamed. Couldn’t get the smile off Her face.



In April, Tina got her first ‘commissioned’ art job. Painting the croc at Pam’s Place in Cooktown. Croc gets decorated for special days, a trend Tina started with Easter, then Mothers Day (with Marys sewing skills assisting).
On Australia Day 2012, Scott and Ahdee from Pams Place decorating Croc with flags and stuff.


Walking on Finch Bay beach. Looking for pretty things 🙂


Remember the ‘Planking’ controversy? We staged our own little protest. This was Tinas effort. Pretty brave to plank a Croc.


At ‘The Top Pub’ on the 27th of May 2011. With a bunch of the banana workers, & Mary our Estonian pseudo-daughter, with Tina at the end of the table.


On the same night with Thomas Lakefield. He was the third person we met in Cooktown. A gentleman.


The next day we headed for Cedar Bay. Tina was checking the depth of Gap Creek, plus checking for big rocks. The clear water was very deceptive. That rock base was rough.


On the way out of Cedar Bay, we took a photo of this old boat wreck.


30th of June 2011. At our home, with Andre, ‘Legend of the North’. This is the last photo on my phone of Tina before our world collapsed.

And then…our Sister Kathy, & the kids, have a heap of photos of Tina in Townsville. This phone had mysteriously died while we were there. Here are some photos of photos.

In a lot of these, Tina was mucking around with Her kids. You need to realise that these were taken about a week after the operation. The first ones were taken about three days after the op. Tina recovered amazingly well, even surprising the surgeons.


With me


With lil sister Tracy


Tina, Her brother Paul, Tracy, and Her big sister Kathy.


Tina and Her youngest daughter, Loren.


Her big brother Mark, with Loren and Lillian, my youngest.


Kathy and Tina after they shaved their heads.


Tina and her photo window. She had the most loving, bright bedspace in the hospital.


Tina and Her Boy, Alex.


Playing ‘Face-Off’ in the lift.


This was Her, “I’m brain damaged’ look to scare hospital visitors 🙂 .


It’s sideways, but this is a little more ‘normal’.


Tina & I. “More photos? Aaaw but…”


Tina & Loren again.

I don’t have any pics of Sarah or Vicki, or Ella with Tina 😦

I think that’s enough photos for one post. I’ll pop some more up in another post sometime. From when we came back to Cooktown.

I hope you get a smile from some of these photos.



  1. quirkycharm said,

    March 24, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Thanks for sharing. She’s lovely; inside and out.

  2. bob said,

    March 26, 2012 at 8:40 am

    thanks for sharing those pics…. I never saw lots of them ….

  3. Desert Woman said,

    March 27, 2012 at 3:27 am

    what a beautiful love story!
    should be made into a movie..

  4. Mike said,

    March 28, 2012 at 1:16 am

    Still makes me well up… keep on keepin’ on G.


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