A Small Diversion

OK. First up. And you’ll probably think, well duh!
I don’t stop thinking about her. Seriously. Every waking moment of my day is filled with her.

I took a drive to Laura today. Did a favour for my friend. I picked some young students and their teacher and carer and brought them back to the pool in Cooktown. When they’d finished at the pool we did a little tour up to Grassy Hill, where Alex their teacher told them the Captain Cook story, how he half wrecked his boat on the reef, then beaches the bark in the river to repair it. I think the kids were more impressed with how Cook climbed Grassy Hill on a regular basis to suss out a path through the reef.

After I dropped everyone off at the Laura school, I headed home. Snapped a few pics with the nüvifone on the way. Remotely of course 😉

I’m glad the kids had good day Karl,and I hope you all felt safe with my driving. Cheers.

Oh. I also have a couple of places to put on my bucket (?) list. Yes. I am making a list and I am going to DO them. I owe it to my baby to keep up with what we were going to do together.

Here’s the pics.
First is the mango trees. There is a row of these running half a Kay down the main street of Laura. Then we have some pics from around Grassy Hill. Lastly, a few from the windscreen shots.




  1. GOF said,

    November 4, 2011 at 7:12 am

    Always enjoy your stories and pictures from a part of the world that even most Australians don’t know about. (you must have a good camera in your phone to take pics like that.)

    • Brad said,

      November 4, 2011 at 2:07 pm

      Thx GOF. No. It’s just a 3 megapixel one. But yep. It works 🙂 I plan on buying a good Canon or Sony soon.

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