A Night in Town A Day on the Beach

Monday arvo and night was spent between the Sovereign hotel and the Dragons Lair. We ran into Valmae and her man. Valmae is a local bama woman. She is absolutely lovely and has a heart of gold, but the alcohol has a good hold on her. We’ve seen her sober once, and that was a court day. On this  Monday arvo she was well charged up and as usual was everybody’s friend. “I love you my sisters and brothers!” is her usual catchcry. Some people just ignore her as ‘another drunk murri’, but that’s just a Southern attitude problem. She can sit with us anytime because she is our friend.
We ate a vegie casserole, tater bake and roast chook at the lair, then settled down over a few ales. Later on we set up the swag outside, but this time we got clever and slept under the awning…sort of. At some time in the morning it rained…and we were sleeping with our feet under the overflow of the already full rainwater tank.
Our blankets and feet got soaked before we had a chance to drag it all under proper cover.

Then the rain stopped.

We had coffee at dawn, then waited for Centrelink to open so we could get an interim health care card, because we needed to get a repeat prescription for Tinas meds.
By the time we got everything sorted it was 11am, so we headed for the beach to give Jack and Floyd a run.

Walker Bay beach was blowing as usual. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We found two large plastic floats, a ‘don’t turn a night out into a nightmare’ frisbee, and an official merchandise New York Yankees golf cap. Last time we were down, I forgot to tell ya’s, we found a Penn Senator 1.7m (5’6″) stand up boat rod. It was near new except for a broken tip. After a big walk it was snooze time for me. Tina did a papparazzi(sp?) on me while I was sleeping.

We headed back into town around 4ish after checking some possible camping spots, grabbed some tucker from the local supermarket and headed back to…the Annan River. But this time we’ve camped opposite Crocodile Bend so we can wake at dawn and sit at the cliff edge and watch for the crocodile. With any luck he’ll pop onto the sand bank for some morning sun. But then again, he/she could be anywhere along this river from Walker Bay to the gorge.

The spot we’re at is open eucalypt forest dominated by large beautiful White gums. The bend of the Annan has a vertical bank around ten to fifteen metres high about 40 metres to our South. Thicker forest is a ten metre walk away to our West. A ten minute slow walk up the track in that direction leads you to Keatings Lagoon, a protected wetland habitat. A five minute walk the other way gets you to the Mulligan Highway.
A bushfire/burn off went along here about a month ago, so there is plenty of fallen hardwood around. We dragged the pig off the roof rack and fired it up. Tina made a chicken, mushroom and mixed vegetable stew that was too yummy to not pig out on. Now the pig is slowly eating timber while we’re digesting in the back of Jimmy 😉

We woke Wednesday morning just before the birds. There are so many different species here, from Torresian Imperial pigeons to White Egrets to Sea Eagles. The morning chorus of parrots and various honeyeaters went on for ages too. Then we heard the hum of bees in the canopy of the flowering gums.
The croc must be away on tour. There are no fresh slide marks on the sand spit to indicate he has been around.
We cooked up bacon and French fried potato, with tomato and avocado for breakfast. The dogs got the leftover chicken stew.
Pig is now making coffee for us. Later today we’ll roll into town and see what’s happening in the big smoke.




  1. bob said,

    September 7, 2011 at 10:20 pm


    lol…. nice snoozing pic old man…..

    I bet wrangling that stove(pig) off top would be an event and worth a good kip after………..

    and as for crocks and no matter where they are I know they’d evolve to cliff climb to get me…
    and you know it would….

    hope tina is feeling well and in fine spirits…..sounds like good healthy eating…
    glad to hear you can get meds replaced..guess the wander lust and no real fixed addy makes getting the perma card a pain..I get bent every way to sunday getting mine renewed…and I’ve lived in same hovel for 16 yrs…..

    see floyd is fitting in well…..

    well have a great day D Aussies…..
    be well tina…

    love, Bob.

    • Brad said,

      September 7, 2011 at 11:19 pm

      hehe, you’d be right Twisty. They prefer younger flesh than us types 🙂

  2. EkimRI said,

    September 7, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Start of another beautiful day together…

    Hope you’re finding all the words you need today Tina and the both of you are having a fantabulous day in the bush. In my thoughts…


    • Brad said,

      September 7, 2011 at 11:22 pm

      We’re having fun Mike 🙂 Thankyou and hugs and stuff

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