A Very Lazy Thursday

Today (Thu 1st Sept) has been a very laid back day. We didn’t wake up too early, and the weather was still windy and squally, so we weren’t too keen on a morning walk up the beach.
The patches of rain were broken by some sunshine later in the morning, so we took Jack and Floyd for a wander. Floyd seems to be handling the sand and wind quite well. He also has some stamina for a little pup. He managed a good 3/4 of a kilometre before we picked him up and gave him a rest.
We found a frisbee for Jack and tossed it around until he killed it. Then we started with the sticks into the ocean game. The waves were crashing close to shore and were getting up to a metre or so, which is high for here. But then it’s been blowing 20 to 30 knots as well. So Jack had some more surfing lessons and a good bath.
We also found some big cuttlefish bones. I did some artwork on one for Tina, using shells and the spikes on the end of other cuttlefish bones. It’s carved and embossed. I’ll work on the bigger one as well one day.
We had leftover stew and made dry roasted flat bread for lunch. Oh, and we found a nice size coconut and opened it. Wasn’t as nice as a green one, but it still went down well.
All in all it was a nice relaxing day.



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