A Beautiful Evening

Monday evening, the trade winds have taken a spell. It is about 6:30pm and it is dead calm. We can hear the sound of the waves as they gently roll Northwards up the beach. Once again the crickets have begun their nightly chorus.
The sky was pastel pink in places. The thinnest wisps of cloud picking up the last rays of the sun. Sadly, the phone xamera doesn’t do  the real view justice. I’ve included some photos of the track to no-where 😉

The pig is burning away. We just finished braised chicken with rice. All cooked in two bread baking tins over the pig.
A Recipe
Buy some largish chicken wings. A small to medium meal for two people requires four good sized wings, legs or breast pieces. I used wings bevause we got six for about $3.50 Australian. The two I stripped last night and fried the meat with vegetables
Take the first baking dish. Pour in about a cup of rice and sprinkle in some salt to taste. Add about a litre of water (in a 2 litre bread tin). Place this on the pig, uncovered. Stir regularly while it comes to the boil. Don’t let it stick to the bottom of the baking dish. Your fire should be flaming at present. Now, scrape some big slices of butter and lay them in the bottom of one of the other tin. Sprinkle over some salt and pepper, then lay the four wings onto the butter, meat side down at first. Sprinkle a packet of cheap onion soup and some mushroom soy sauce over the wings. Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of raw sugar over this mix. Then add enough water to almost cover the meaty ‘thighs’ of the wings. Seal the pan tightly with aluminium foil.
Check the rice. If it’s almost soft, remove it from the fire. I hope you’ve been stirring it regularly. Cover it with foil and set it aside to absorb the rest of the water.
Place the chicken on the pig. The fire should still have some flame. We need to get the chicken steaming, then simmering. Watch the pan. If steam starts to escape, use a rag and your fingers to reseal the foil. The foil needs to bulge in order for the chicken to pressure steam and braise properly. Let it cook for about 20 minutes. Remove the foil and flip the wings. Reseal the pan and put back on the pig for another 20 minutes.
Once cooked, you’ll have fall apart chicken wings in a rich, glaze sauce. By this time the rice will have absorbed all its moisture. Spoon it into the chicken pan and fold it into the sauce.
Enjoy. Total cost is about $10 including a big bottle of mushroom soy sauce, with 2 chicken wings, 3/4 of a nob of butter, and a near full bottle of soy left over.

I’ve tried adding a short video of the pig in action. If it doesn’t work, such is life.

Back to work tomorrow (Tuesday).
It will be a tight three weeks money wise. We have $6 but plenty of rice, oats, noodles and potatoes. We’ll get by. I’ve missed potentially five days of a 14 day fortnight so far. Booked up $100 worth of beer on the tab too 😦
That’s a $500 loss so far. I should grow a bloody cash crop in the bush somewhere 😉
Once we get over this hurdle we need to seriously plan what we’re doing for the wet season.
The rains will start in roughly three months. We need to make a really good rain proof shelter, or move and set up for the wet season.

But besides all that, it’s these nights of natural beauty; silent but full of sound , that make me want to stay awake all night, lest I not get to experience another.
The moon is now over half full. It casts enough light that we don’t need to use the 12 volt flouro. I love a waxing moon.

The last photo in this lot is the pig at raging point. The pig loves a good burn.




  1. twistyman said,

    August 10, 2011 at 7:58 am

    keep us informed…your friends were just asking me what your bad weather plans are…be well ….

  2. Tina said,

    August 10, 2011 at 8:58 am

    I will do that for sure. Take care

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