Did We Waste Money on a Feed

So, tell me. Would you pay AUD55 (that’s 55 bucks Australian) for this (See photos)? Consider that you can cross the road and get a better feed for less.
I feel I’ve been ripped off.
Comments appreciated and requested.
The fare was a Chicken Parmesan with ‘salad’. A 300gm T-Bone Steak with ‘salad’ , half a dozen Kilpatrick Oysters, and 2 Coopers schooners. The salad was a handful of rocket and 2 tomato quarters. Oh, we also got a handful of chips. I need your comments so I can argue as to why people won’t eat a second time at this restaurant.

End of post.



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  1. August 2, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    I’m not familiar with the prices of Australian restaurants, but here in the States, oysters are still expensive, even though I live just a couple of hours from the oceans and a commercial oyster farm. Steaks or any cut of beef in a restaurant are also expensive, unreasonably so, and ditto alcohol of any sort. A friend who has worked in the restaurant business told me however that you aren’t paying for the food, which is the cheapest part of running a hostelry of any sort: you’re paying for ambiance, the real estate so’s to speak, the waiters, the table, the candlelight and a view if there was one from your seat.

    If this is, say, a three-star restaurant, then appetizer (the oysters), two entrees with sides, and two beers (I had to look up schooners and I assume they’re the equivalent of a short beer here in the States) would probably add up to about $55. But if you feel cheated, you apparently didn’t think you got value for the dollar. You didn’t mention if the food was any good either. I’m guessing it wasn’t?

    I’m a foodie and I enjoy eating out, but I tend to skip the steakhouses and eat at ethnic restaurants where the entrees are cheaper. If I have to pay $55 for two people, the food had better be pretty damned good.

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