A Little More Randomness

Grab your preferred poison, find a comfortable seat, and relax. This may take a while.

“Even if we could afford to rent a house in town, we’d still live in our car in the bush”.

Before we get random, I’d like to be all spammy and give a big hello to our friends Judy and Willie who are Guurrbi Tours (www.guurrbitours.com).
If/when you ever get the chance to come to Cooktown, I reckon you should go with Willie and see His country. Given that Guurrbi Tours is listed in the Top Ten of  150 Must Do things in Queensland, then you’re guaranteed of something special. Then, when you read comments from others who’ve taken the journey who write how their lives have been changed as a result of Willie and his stories, then I think you’d be compelled to experience Guurrbi Tours.

OK, please don’t really think of this as spam or advertising. Willie and Judy have no idea that I’ve just promoted them.
A little history. We first met Judy on Twitter and discussed and asked advice about a few things (long story). Judy and Willie have been so helpful and caring and dare I say it, uplifting (for want of a better word) to us since we arrived. I can’t thank them enough. Judy became Tinas ‘Patron Of The Arts’ when she managed to get Tina commisioned to repaint the crocodile at ‘Pams Place’ (www.cooktownmotel.com) in Cooktown.
The first night we were in town, we had intended to go to the flood fundraising event that Willie and Judy had helped organise. We wanted to go, but as some of you folk who have read our blog for a while would know, we had $2.85 in our pocket. We phoned Judy and made the excuse that we couldn’t get their because our headlights weren’t working (which was true), but we didn’t want to say “Oh, we’re destitute”. Anyway, 10 minutes later, this gentleman in a 4WD, baring a striking resemblance to Willie Gordon pulls up. Willie had come down to see if he could help and offered to run us up to the hall. We would have taken up the offer just to help with cooking and after event cleaning, but we also had Jack and Billy the dogs.
Both Judy and Willie are wonderful people and I seriously recommend that you include Guurrbi Tours in your plans if and when you come to Cooktown.

OK, random.
How do you personally define a ‘comfortable’ temperature?
For example. It is about 3pm on Wednesday afternoon, 20th July 2011. I don’t know what the temp is. Maybe somewhere between 22C and 26C. The sun is dappled through the tree canopy on my left, but I can feel it’s warmth. It is not humid by any means. Occasionally the breeze from the beach touches my back, cooling me slightly. For me, when the breeze eases, and the air becomes Sun warmed, I find my comfortable temperature.

What bird do you associate with where you live? In other words, if you were far from home, or a place you once called home, what bird, if you saw it, would you remember from (and remind you of) that place?
For me (Brad), the bird that reminds me of Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia), where I used to live (and my daughter was born) is the Rainbow Lorikeets. These birds are prolific in Rockhampton. If you’re ever driving through around sunset, you’ll hear them roosting in some of the palms that line most of the highway through the city. It’s a loud and chattery chorus that you can’t help but hear.
Cooktown of course has the Sunbird that I’ve talked about before.
Blackwater. Mining town. Lived there for a while. My sister was eight when our parents moved there. I was 19? Just back from Cedar Bay. My sister has lived there since 1983. The quintessential Blackwater bird is the Australian Raven, sometimes confused with the Torresian Crow. The difference is that the Raven has a call like “faark faark faaaaarrrrrk”, whereas the Crow goes “faaark faaark faaark”. My theory is that the Raven is bored witless, whereas the Crow is just frustrated with having to listen to the Raven whining all day.

Finally, Brisbane. The House Sparrow, very closely followed by the Pigeon.
I remember when I was around eight years old, collecting fallen Sparrow chicks from the ground under the eaves of a church in Sunnybank, Brisbane (QLD Australia). There were so many sparrow nests under the eaves that we’d find find around a dozen dead or dying chicks on the ground during breeding season.
We left ‘Brissie’ in early 1972 I think, and lived in Peth,Western Australia for the next four years. Oh, this might sound too obvious, the Black Swan is ‘that bird’ for Perth. Anyway, I digress.

We returned in 1975, and the friends we stayed with informed me that the city council paid 2 cents a head for House Sparrows. No, I didn’t start a sparrow culling empire as a 12 year old. But the thought did occur to me.
Pigeons are the iconic Brisbane City bird. But I guess the same can be said for most cities, so I won’t flog a dead horse.

Large ships and whales. First, some anecdotal evidence of the existence of large freighter engine resonance. There is a shipping channel roughly 15km East of us. Quite often you can hear the thrumming of the ships engines as they pass by. The sound carries through/over the water.
Whaleologists (you know, them people who study whales) have suggested that man-made noise in the oceans of the world may be detrimental to whales’ health. I reckon they may be right.

Random photos follow…

Oh, the photos of the train stuff. Cooktown had a rail line back in the old days. It went from here to Laura. Well, nearly to Laura. The bridge was never completed. You can find a bit of the history of the line on the Interweb.




  1. twistyman said,

    July 28, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Hi Aussies…thanks for update…

  2. Desert Woman said,

    July 28, 2011 at 1:07 am

    hi twisty

  3. housh45 said,

    July 28, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    Maybe I haven’t been driving around Rockhampton enough at sunset, because I’ve hardly noticed the lorikeets for a while now. Or maybe they’ve been eaten by all the ibises…

    • Brad said,

      August 2, 2011 at 8:04 am

      I would bet on the Ibises eating them 🙂

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