For your birthday.
The evening you came to me in tears, thanking me. Mum had said that one of our conversations back when she was pregnant with you had an impact on her. You know the details.
When you smile, your eyes twinkle like little stars.
Your fiercely independent, rebellious side is tethered by your desire to nurture and care for your family and friends.
You came home quietly from school on the afternon of your thirteenth birthday. When you came in from outside, you were in tears. Mum was frantic, wondering what horrible emotional turmoil had shattered you. You took her outside to see Rasta, the matriarch of our dog clan. Jack had been born, along with seven other pups.


You are now nineteen. The rollercoaster is about to smooth out a little. At times it may become boring and meaningless. Those feelings will pass. The ride gets better every year. And remember, your ride has only just started.

When you can, send us a photo of your birthday tattoo 😉
Happy 19th Sarah.
We love you heaps and miss you more 🙂


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