Happy Snaps and Jack The Dog

(Sarahs post is coming soon)

G’day all.
It’s late. Around 12:30 am on a Tuesday morning. We went to bed at 6pm. Well, we chatted for an hour or so before we slept. I think our body clocks are attuning once again to the Sun. I mean, we have a 12 volt flourescent twin tube that runs off Jimmy. However, on waxing Moon nights we really don’t need it. I think our non TV, non powered lifestyle has a lot to do with our early bed nights.
But anyway, I woke up an hour or so ago and couldn’t go back to sleep. The best cure for insomnia in the tropics is a beer or two. Well, so I was told by some drunk bloke in a pub. That hasn’t worked. So I figured I’d try typing up a post on this phone. That will at least introduce some fatigue into the game. Might even try another beer, contrary to common medical advice.

Jack The Dog

According to our third youngest daughter Sarah, Jack was her best Birthday present. You see, Jack was born on Sarah’s 13th. He is the progeny of two very good natured and extremely intelligent dogs. His mother was Tinas girl dog Rasta (bitch is just a tacky word imho) and his dad was my dog Joey.
Both Rasta and Joey are long gone. Victims of Dingoes and such. Sarah turned 19 last Friday, Happy Birthday again dear Sarah. This makes Jack 6 in human and I think, 42 in dog years? Damn! He’ll be my equal in age next year!
Jack has been talked about by us before. He’s a bit of a National Park and sometime motel room Ninja dog.
He doesn’t bark as a rule. He lived in a cabin with us for 18 months or more in a caravan park. He was capable of holding his bladder (and bowel) for up to 14 hours. We would sneak him down the back paddock ay night and throw a stick for an hour with him. In the early morning, if he wasn’t in the truck with me, Tina would sneak him out again. During the day he’d sleep inside.
He’s been caving, swimming, rock hopping, beach combing and mountain climbing in National Parks. He has *never* attacked a native animal. Ever.
He ignores wallabies and gungurru. But he will growl or bark when feral pigs are around. Actually, the first time he really barked was the first time he went to Walker Bay beach (see an earlier post).

Happy Snaps

I don’t have many today. I have a theory though. I think the reason I don’t want to sleep is because I cherish every waking hour that I have the privelege of staying where we are. I mean, check out the first photo. That’s an afternoon view of part of the track into the ‘property’ where we live.
We also eat well. The next pic is fried onion damper. The onion damper is baked and then you eat some. Then, you fry the rest in oil. It’s NOM NOM food!
The Pig eats well. About 3 to 5 kg of wood a night. But then we force feed it too 🙂
Tina has woven some thick vines together. I reckon I’ll snarf one for the top of a wind chime.
We’re slowly building a collection of chimes, wind chimes and mobiles to sell at the local markets. Maybe next fortnight we’ll set up a stall and corner the market…bad pun unintended 🙂




  1. GOF said,

    July 13, 2011 at 6:51 am

    Best wishes for the valuable work you are doing on your insomnia research project. 🙂

    • Tina said,

      July 19, 2011 at 8:50 am

      Lol. I didn’t know he suffered so badly. ;0)

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