Bamboo Is Too Much Fun

First, a Big Happy Birthday to our third youngest. A post for her is coming soon.
The Legend of the North and his partner in legendarianism ‘The Lad’ popped out Monday arvo with five lengths of green Bamboo for us. They are about 6 metres long on average. The longest is easily 8 metres. Carried atop a Hi-lux 4WD ute through town and out along the narrow track to our place. I wish I’d taken a photo when they rocked up 🙂
So, what do you do with an 8 metre length of bamboo? It’s first use is as a clothes line. Just a temporary use. We have some ideas and will reveal them along the way.
Speaking of Elephants, the photo of the timber is the bundle of firewood I collected on Tuesday afternoon (my Friday this week). I bundle it using one rope, with two loops about 30cm apart. The rope pulls up tight and keeps the bundle stable as I carry it on my shoulder. That bundle was about 40 odd kilos. But it’s only about 100 metres or so that I have to carry it. Between Tina and I, we generally collect enough wood in one trip to last us a few days.

I promised shipwrecks in my last post. There is one on our favourite local beach. Apparently it’s been there for ten years or more. However, the wreckage was more exposed back then. Nowadays, only the bow of what was once a barge remains above the sand. Sometimes the wreckage is completely covered by sand except for the top of the bollard. I’ll do some research and dig up a name for the vessel and how it came to grief.


Check the latest lengths of bamboo that The Legend of the North and The Lad delivered late Tuesday afternoon. We’re just hanging to hit the hardware and buy a decent saw!

We’re thinking big chimes, plant hangers, xylophones and maybe some drums. We’ve spent much of Wednesday playing with driftwood and cutting bamboo with our rudimentary saws. See the ones we’re currently using in the pics. We’re going to get a proper one soon. We’re also hunting a hand auger to dowel some joints in timber.
Anyway, we’ve experimented with a few narrower lengths and the sound and airflow characteristics are excellent. Roll on big bamboo drums!



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