For Phil. A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step

The title of this web log post is an old Buddhist or Chinese proverb that I read a long time ago. I’m not sure which it was, Buddhist or Chinese, but it doesn’t really matter. It has been something that has always been profound for. Something I’ve always remembered.

I try to keep my posts kind of neutral. I like to let our family, our close friends and our close ‘cyber’ friends informed of what we’re doing. I want them to know that we’re happy in a way that we never thought would be possible. I keep this blog going because some of our family and friends have helped us when we were at points where we would have been completely ‘f#%ked’ for want of a better word. It’s also for a very special friend overseas who I want to hug and shake his hand one day. I  want to keep them all informed of what we’re up to while we’re living ‘Our Dream’. It’s for them that I do this, not to gloat or whatever.

This post is especially for Phil.

Phil and I worked together in my former job in transport. To be brutaly honest, neither of us really wanted to be where we were. We were both doing the job because the money was good I guess. It was a job.
When the rego ran out on Jimmy the 4WD, Phil offered to pick me up in the morning, and run me home when he could. We kind of started a bit of ritual in the afternoons. We’d head down to the PA (only Rockhampton folk know what that means), or Dan Murphy’s, and we’d grab a ‘roadie’ to drink on the way home. Now, in terms of travelling time to home it wasn’t far. Maybe 15 minutes. But it gave us both a chance to vent to each other about the shitty day we’d had. It also let us talk about our hopes. Our dreams. The stuff we’d do, ‘if we could’. Sometimes our ‘roadies’ would end up with Phil sitting with Tina and I having a second roadie and chewing the fat with us for a bit longer.
Phil and I are probably worlds apart in terms of our background. Phil was a cricketer, and by all accounts a good one. Like a potential Australian rep (if he’d applied himself 🙂  ). He also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of most sports. We’d discuss football (AFL and ARL) on our journeys and he’d rattle off names and teams, and how they were progressing. I would offer an opinion on the odd occasion when I recognised a team or name. Man, Phil should be a sports commentator! He is a walking bloody almanic! He taught me heaps.

We talked about a lot of stuff, including my desparate need to escape where we were (see my previous post). We also talked about what his dreams are. He knows where he wants to be. But he is like me.
You see, there are Givers and Takers in this world. Some of us give, be it emotionally, financially, spiritually, or at the expense of what they want to ensure those they love get what they want. Phil is one of those people. That’s why he is special.

I won’t divulge Phils curcumstances. That would be a breach of our friendship and trust. Suffice to say, his situation is different to ours. Maybe similar to both of ours many years ago, but still different.

What I do want to say is that Phil helped Tina and I at a time where were in a situation where we quite probably wouldn’t have been able to be here. In monetary terms it may not have been much to anyone, but for us, it got us here and may as well have been a million bucks..

Phil. You know what you did for us. When we got here, we had $2.85 left. Jimmy is still going based on part of what you loaned us. Three bottles of Chemiweld do wonders for an old clapped out diesel motor!

If it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know where we would be right now. Seriously. Oh, and that loan is not forgotten.

Now, I need to say this. Phil, generally in Winter, the temperature doesn’t vary much between 21 and 26 degrees. But, it is far less humid than Rockhampton. You’ll be pleased to know that a week ago the temperature here dropped to 7.2 frigging degrees! The ‘apparent’ temp was 5.4. For a week, the minimums were down to about 11. In Summer we get high 30’s. But the sea breezes counteract that.
So, if you think up here sounds nice, take a step. I know people who have raised kids here in the remotest of environments.

However, and this comes from a bloke who has a world of respect for you, if it’s killing you where you are, take that step my friend. Take that step in the direction you want to go. It only takes one. It’s a big one, but it may be the best thing you ever did.

I miss our yarns my friend.
Now, back to our regular program 😉


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