Dodgy Bush Furniture, Plaited Vine Bangles and Mobiles

What do you when you have two days off? Why, you make plaited bangles from vines and dodgy furniture from driftwood of course!

Wednesday was spent doing not much at all. The evening was quiet, spent yarning with a couple of folk from town who came out to visit. A few ales and some interesting conversation while the music of artists as varied as Geoffory Gurrumul Yunupingu, Syd Barrett, JBT and The Dead Kennedys played on our ‘fone’ in the background. Next time our friend will have to bring his guitar out. Last time he just played some freestyle type acoustics that blended with the ocean and the breeze in the bush. Very cool stuff.

Our plans for Thursday were influenced by the need for more sitting spots near the fire.
We have (had) two eskies & a dog food drum for seats, so when we get more than one visitor I usually take the ‘floor’.

So, bright and early Thursday morning, we took a trip to a good scavanging spot we’d been informed of. We collected a length of old sawn hardwood that was once a porch step. We also grabbed some poly pipe, once used as a water supply line & now destined for our ‘kitchen sink’. Three lengths of old corrugated iron also came with us to be used as a bigger fire/wind guard around and over the campfire.
On the way home, we pulled up by the beach and found some interestingly shaped, solid chunks of driftwood and put them in the car as well.
We got all our treasures home and started to scratch build a seat from driftwood and vines.
I managed to get most of it done with driftwood. The first pic shows it half done. I had to cheat a bit and use one coach bolt on one end of the seat. The other end is lashed with vines. The rear support is also lashed in.
I couldn’t find anything in our driftwood stash to make a back for the seat. Not without a decent hand saw at least. Going back to the beach wasn’t an option either. So I ended up using some bamboo driftwood to finish it. It’s comfortable & it supports two people easily.

While I was playing with wood, Tina got to making vine bangles. Check the photos. Very organic and very cool! They’re all different, with varied twists based on how the vine flowed in the weaving process. Even Jack wanted one to go with the shell bling on his collar. Have a look on his left front leg. 🙂

On Thursday night our friend turned up again. This time with his guitar. The seat was “sick” in his opinion, and excellent for sitting while playing. I recorded a bit but the wind noise thru the fone mic kind of drowns the guitar. Maybe on a calmer night. The chair worked. It supported his 100 & my 60 odd kilo frames easily. The only problem so far is that the seat part is only good for small butts. The back rest works well though. I’m working on a way to make the seat big bum friendly soon.
The Guitarist went home with a vine bangle and is going to bring his ‘pig’ out one day for us to test out. We’ll keep you posted 🙂

The wind has been blowing up since Wednesday afternoon and by this morning (08:00 Fri 24 June) it was up to the 30 knot mark SE to Easterly.
The ocean isn’t quite water ski smooth out there as you can see in the photos. Even the mouth of the Endeavour had ‘surf’!

The wind mobile has been loving the breeze too. There’s a couple of pics there. It’s a mix of twisted dead vine, driftwood and shells. One shell that acts as a wind catcher is a feather shaped, wafer thin scallop type shell that spins crazy in the wind.
Tina is in the process of making another intricate shell mobile. When she has it finished, we’ll post pics.

(15:30 Fri 24 June): Out of neccessity I’ve made a windbreak around the fire place. Even though the fire has a windbreak and is in a relatively protected spot, when it’s blowing 30 knots on the coast, we get gusts through the site that can stir the fire up. We do not need to be creating a hazard now do we? So, I’ve bolted some iron together according to some obscure design rule in a Quantum Chaos Theory study guide and created a fire containment vessel thing. One side is adjustable to allow for variations in wind velocity and direction. The rest is solid. Sort of. But then, if you look at the photos, there were 5 to 10 knot gusts blowing in when they were taken. So it’s working 🙂

(19:00 Fri 24 June): Tina has finished one mobile. It’s currently under wind testing 😉 . Check out the photos. She has started work on another and if it’s ready in the morning I’ll post even more photos 🙂
The fire enclosure is working well, even with a largish fire it keeps things calm and contained.




  1. twistyman said,

    June 25, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Boy I wish I could be there..looks very relaxing doing what you’re doing..

    enjoy yourselves and be safe….

    • Brad said,

      June 26, 2011 at 8:41 am

      Living our dream Twisty. Had too many ales last night though and have to work today. 😦

  2. GOF said,

    June 27, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Love the rustic chair…and you’d sure need those guards around the fire if your wind is anywhere near as strong as ours is at the moment.

    • Tina said,

      June 27, 2011 at 8:36 am

      It’s all great GOF. I love waking up and seeing sky and leaves when I open my eyes. And the fire break is wonderful… wind is a dangerous thing, isn’t it? ;0)

  3. October 20, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    […] She loved her art. All forms. She had been using natural materials to create things […]

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