Cooktown Market





Morning folks, Tina here. It’s another beautiful day in paradise. It’s been raining pretty full on for the last couple of days but today dawned beautifully sunny. Good job Hughey… it’s a perfect day for the markets!

Everyone checks out the markets on a Saturday morning here. We came down this morning specifically to buy one of the best pies in Qld for breakfast. We bought one last week (roast pork & veg, pepper steak) and we’ve been hanging out for this week’s markets to grab another one. I had chicken & asparagus… mmm… and Brad had the seafood mornay. Yum. These are honestly some of the best pies I’ve tasted. The crusts are lovely and flaky, the sauce is yummy as and they’re chock full. Linda’s at the market every Saturday and she doesn’t mind saying g’day… and she makes a good pie… not as good as mine, mind… 😉  Drop in and try one when you’re in town.

There are people selling fresh fruit and veg… we bought some oranges and avocados. The lady with the home made chutneys and pickles (and the baby wallaby in a pouch) wasn’t there today though. Shame, we were looking forward to buying another jar to try. There’s other food stalls too… gonna have to try the chinese one day, it smells divine. And there’s a whole heap of other arty, crafty and cool stuff to look at.

And the artist who stands out amongst them is Lea Stevens. We got yarning to her last week and stopped by to say another hello this morning. She’s here most weeks, but she travels to Cairns and such to show her art as well. She’s been asked to visit Wujal Wujal’s new art gallery and paint with some of the ‘young fullas’. That’s quite an honour, I’ve seen some of the work from young fullas like that and it’s pretty impressive. Lea’s work is wonderful. I asked her permission to take a photo of her and one of her works for this blog.
‘Oh, do I look alright?’ She asked. I had to smile… she’s a stunner! She’s pictured with her Mum, who she proudly states is one of her greatest inspirations (check out her story in her own words on her pamphlett). Just quietly, I think Mum is pretty proud of daughter too.

Now, the final pic is the piece of art that Lea suggested I photograph. This painting is her interpretation of the rainbow serpent, winding his way through the earth and the sea, creating mountains, caves, the rivers and the reef. Lea showed us where his scales have fallen off and created the little atolls that make up the great barrier reef.
‘You gonna sell this piece on the internet for me?’ she asked. I told her that we couldn’t promise anything but that we’d give it a go. If anyone’s interested, she’s asking $1200 and I think that’s well worth it, it’s beautiful. But, I’m sure she’d be willing to do a deal. And she has a heap of other nice smaller pieces, from bookmarks to wall pieces… there’s scrub turkeys, fish and gorgeous butterflies. You can buy her stuff framed or on loose canvas and she even has some jewellery there,and some work from some other local artists too. All the stuff on her stall is well worth a look. Make sure you drop in and tell her we sent you. And while you’re there, buy some stuff. If you can’t get here, give her a call… or drop us a line and we’ll drop round to see her.

Gotta love this place… we’ve met so many lovely people in this little town. 

Anyway, this weekend we’re going for a little drive down Bloomfield way. Brad’s had a couple of jobs down there and he wants to take me down for a look. I’m really looking forward to it, so I’m going to get going. We just figured we’d better let you know where we’re off to. Don’t know how the phone signal is going to be down that way… expecting that it won’t be too good. We’re going to camp at least one night, and don’t really NEED to be in town til Monday. Going with the flow. Expect photos when we get back though… 😉

See you then. Be good all… much love from paradise. Xx



  1. Me said,

    April 4, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Love you more than a million purple helium balloons!! Miss you even more!!

    • Tina said,

      April 4, 2011 at 10:26 pm

      Love you more than a million beautiful rainforest trees. Hurry up and visit. Xx

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