We Ran Out Of Credit But We’re Back






Quick summary then some detail.
We ran out of credit on Wednesday I think. We’re on Optus prepaid with the $3 day deal. That gives us unlimited local & national calls to any network as well as unlimited internet access for 3 bucks a day. Oh, and if you don’t acess the ‘net or make a call (sure that’ll happen) you don’t pay for that day. But, if you use it every day you don’t pay for weekends.
End of inadvertant Optus spam.
We use to hate Optus due to it’s crap coverage around Rockhampton, but up here in Paradise (you know…COOKTOWN) the coverage is probably a little better than Telstra. Definitely a stronger signal in some places.
Damn! I’ll shut up about telcos now.

So, what have these two free spirits been doing this past week? Lotsa stuff!

Tuesday 29 March 2011
We may have missed a day, but hey, it’s ALL good.
Tina worked in the morning. Big Spring Clean before the tourist season starts.
Things move slow here in ‘The Wet’. As much as Cooktown and the district can support itself, the Winter tourist season is what keeps most businesses viable. In reality, many tourism related places shut shop in the off season. This can be problematic in some ways. You see, some tourism ventures up here are just ‘A bit of Cream’ for their operators. Some have spouses with fulltime jobs in other areas. Therefore, a lack of income from their tourist venture is not really an issue.
However, there are many people in this district that rely entirely on tourists to earn a living. They NEED to operate all year to survive.
The problematic part is that it is very hard to promote Cooktown and the area as a 365 day a year tourist destination when many places or tours aren’t running during ‘The Wet’. Guurrbi Tours (Google them please) run ALL year for example. Many other folk run tours and provide accommodation. This time of year is the best for hitting Barramundi (or GTs or Spaniards or Fingermark) off the wharf. The people are really friendly too, and when it rains you don’t get cold.
But I digressed again. Tina worked and I drove to Hopevale to pick up a car. Poor bugger bought it in Cairns on the weekend. A really nice late model 4WD twin cab ute. By the time he’d got back to Hopevale on Monday, the lights had all failed & the engine & gearbox had leaks.
The rest of our day was spent enjoying this place. Just sitting & watching life continue. It was just noice.Yes, noice.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Tina worked again. I on the other hand, didn’t. I twiddled my thumbs. Then I had a sleep.
In the afternoon we headed down to the ‘Little Annan’ for the night.
You have seen pics, but I’ve put another one up at the top of this post.
I had a bath in that river again…after 30 years. Got nekkid and everything! The water was excellently cool. It was flowing well too. To be continued…as usual, photos are random


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