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Hi faithful readers. Sorry about the belated post, but we’ve been doing stuff. Well not really. I’ve just been slack & have been Tweeting but not blogging. This can be problematic though, because I forget that what I’ve Tweeted hasn’t been posted up here  & I sometimes miss posting special stuff here. So this time I’ll be sure to recap the past three days comprehensively.
OK. Here goes it…
I had a big day driing the local RACQ contractor truck on Thursday. First up was a quick run out along the HopeVale road to bring in a vehicle with a blown seal (not the ball balancing type of seal). Next up was a run down to Bloomfield. I was excited about this drive, as that area is my favourite part of this area & my old stomping ground.

I did a run down just past the Lions Den Hotel to pick up an abandoned car on Wednesday, and was hoping I would get a job down Bloomfield way at some stage.

The Cooktown to Bloomfield road goes through part of Cedar Bay National Park. The rainforest in this area is something that can’t be described in words that do justice to its beauty. Imagine driving along a narrow dirt track under a closed canopy of trees. Suddenly a flock of those little dinosaurs that ate the guy in Jurrasic Park run across in front of you. That’s the best way to describe it.
The road varies. In a couple of spots it is tarred. At Helenvale where The Lions Den is. At Rossville, a small village in he middle of the forest there is a bit. Plus there is a section that goes over a saddle near Mt Finnigan. Back in 1982 the saddle section was made passable in wet conditions by two strips of concrete. Kind of like a 5 kilometre long driveway.
The rest of the road varies between being smoothish dirt and a 4 wheel drive track. Seriously, conventional cars don’t last long when used regularly on this road. Most residences around this district have a collection of dead vehicles in their yards that have fallen victim to this road.

The majority of the drive to Bloomfied in the truck was done at under 30 kmh. Often it was a case of dropping back to a crawl and carefully negotiating rocks, potholes and washouts. The council has been working hard to get this road into some sort of driveable state. There were around six different road crews doing jobs on the 40 odd km stretch to Bloomfield. It took me about an hour and a half to get to the job on Bloodwood Road. Even though it was a long drive, it was very enjoyable.

Coming back was a little quicker as I knew the sections where I could safely get up to 60kmh.

I got back to Cooktown with the broken down ute on board and offloaded it. Then I got a quick local job taking a wreck to the dump. Lo and behold, I got another job down the Bloomfield road. This time it was to pick up a 4WD at Wajul Wajul & drop it at the Ayton store. I would tell you the full story of this one, but typing on this mobile phone is a pain. Maybe another day…

Friday was quiet. No callouts. So I got to spend the day with Tina after she finished work.
We even lashed out Friday night and went to the Top Pub (Cooktown Hotel) and had a beer! Significant? Yep. It’s the first time we’ve been to a pub for a beer in years.
On Saturday we went to the markets. We bought an extendable fishing rod for $15. Then we bought some oranges (5 for a dollar), a couple of yummy home made pies, 2 fruit frappes & and a small bottle of relish.
Later on in the day we popped in to say hi to Scott. He’s Tinas ‘boss’ at the Cooktown Motel. He has to be one of nicest people I’ve met & has a heart bigger than a whale. I’ll tell you some of the reasons why one day in a post dedicated entirely to him.
Saurday arvo and night was spent at the wharf, trying unsuccessfully to catch a fish. Needless to say, I didn’t even catch so much as a cold!
Sunday morning was another beautiful one. We wandered about for a bit. Then at about 1 o’clock we decided to sneak down to Walker Bay for lunch & to check out potential camping spots.
Now, I hadn’t had one phone call since Friday for a tow callout. But, as always is the case with my luck, while we were at the bay and away from mobile reception, a job came through. Unfortunately Ray the boss had to do it. Bugger.
Tonight is being spent at Finch Bay. A strong breeze is blowing, but the stars are out. With no light pollution from a city or the moon,the sky is looking magical.

I promise to go back throughour posts and expand on some of them at a later date. I have so much more to tell, but this miniscule keyboard means that this post has taken nearly two hours to write.
As usual, the photos at top are random visions of our paradise we call Cooktown.



  1. twistyman said,

    March 27, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Hi guys..

    excuse me have a nasty growth on your shoulder..

    couldn’t find a parrot….hee hee..

    Great to hear that you’ve both got some work…and damn, can even pop in for a well deserved frosty or 10..
    glad to see things are falling into place….
    and brad, keep an eye out for good parts deals…tow drivers know where all the cheap/free parts can be found….

    I miss you both….please email mail me your twitter thingy link..

    I’ve never been there, but will go if just to be able to be closer to what you’re up too…

    I love the updates here, but I miss MY Damn Aussies a lot…

    stay safe…stay well…and stay in touch..
    Love Bob.

  2. GOF said,

    March 30, 2011 at 7:17 am

    I thought your towing job might have turned out to be really interesting. When they fix up that washed-away causeway we might try travelling up the coastal route to Cooktown…….friends of ours grew up at Bloomfield 50 years ago and tell us stories about the place.
    Enjoy your paradise.

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