Our first weekend in Cooktown



(Catch up by reading previous post)
We headed down to the wharf & had a look, then back up town. While we were pulled up in a side lane, a couple of locals wandered along. So we asked them about the best places to camp without annoying the townsfolk. As the conversation developed, we learnt that one fella was from Wajul Wajul (Yalangi), and the older fella (Uncle) was from Hopevale (Yimithirr). They told us about the best spots to camp & let us know that the flood benefit concert was on that night at the community hall. This had been organised by locals & http://cooktown-cares.blogspot.com/
We also got a crash course in both languages. We’re going to learn the local lingo soon.
Here’s an interesting thought for you to ponder after reading this. We, & and I would suggest many ‘white fellas’ know one language. These 2 locals know at least three. I have a criend in Rockhampton who can speak seven languages. So, who is the smarter, more intelligent person? Also, while you ponder that thought, keep in mind that most European descended people would die within days in the desert or forest in this country. The owners of this land have prospered in these environments for thousands of years.
Just some food for thought.

We decided to head down to Quarantine Bay because Dragon had suggested it might be the spot to camp. If check back a couple of posts, you’ll know why we didn’t. The logs here have teeth.
Late in the afternoon we went back to the wharves & decided to hang there the night.
As the night wore on, we rang  Judy from @guurrbi to let her know we wouldn’t be able to get up to the benefit concert due to our headlights being dead. Willie Gordon from Guurrbi tours came down to see if he could help. We ended up having a good old yarn. I think he might have been roused on when got back. We kept him a while.

Sunday was uneventful. We wandered around a bit. Had a bit of a fish and camped down near the old powder magazine on the point.
We also met a few more locals. I was hoping to get a bit of work at the ice works, but there’s not much happening up here in the off season.
I’ll let Tina tell you about Monday and today later.
Apologies for the untitled pics. We’re doing these posts on the phone & I haven’t worked out how to insert them properly yet. The 2 pics are sunset and moonset over the Endeavour River.



  1. twistyman said,

    March 22, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    good luck….

  2. May 30, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    […] Our first weekend in Cooktown (thegreenbus.wordpress.com) […]

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