Monday and Tuesday





Well, monday started off as a horror day.. although it turned out alright in the end. All I can say is this… tobacco is an evil drug.

We ran out of smokes over the weekend and we didn’t handle it very well. Brad and I started bickering with each othe’r fairly early. One thing led to another, and another, and another. Before you know we could barely look at each other without snipping.

‘So what,’ you may ask. ‘We all do that once in a while.’ Except WE don’t. We never fight and rarely even disagree. It was very upsetting. As I said, tobacco is an evil drug.

Anyway, two of our kids ended up coming to our rescue. Some money was deposited into our account, the evil drug was purchased, tempers returned to normal… and we spent the rest of the afternoon apologising profusely to each other. We’ve decided that we need to wean ourselves off tobacco.

Anyway, enough about that…

Another nice thing… Brad went in to the local service station/RACQ because he’d heard that the boss may need a bit of help whilst recuperating after an upcoming operation. It seems that he went in just at tbe right time. He’s scored a job for a couple of weeks, albeit part-time on call work. We’ve no idea how much work that may be, but it’s a flat hourly rate. It might end up that he doesn’t get much work at all… but definitely better than none. It was another moral-booster for sure.

With diesel in tbe car, we decided to head out to The Annan River for the night. We found a nice little spot next to the highway with a toilet block, and the added bonus of a little open-ended covered area. With dark clouds rolling in and ominous thunder sounding in the distance, that little shed seemed like a mansion. We backed the car right up to the open end and settled ourselves for the night.

Just as well too… during the night it bucketed down. Normally we have to close the car up when it rains, and it can get a bit cramped, not to mention pretty hot and stuffy in there. But the shed allowed us to leave the hatch open so we could stretch out and stay cool. It was a lovely surprise after a horrible morning.

Before the rain started however, we enjoyed a quick dip in the cool rapids. This is why we’d decided to head out there. Crocs don’t hang around rapids… as a general rule. We figured we’d be able to enjoy a bit of a soak. It was quite lovely.

We also took the oportunity to check out  the big falls (I can’t remember what Brad called them… perhaps The Chute??). It’s a spot where the river narrows and is forced through a 20m (maybe) gap in solid rock. The force of tbe water is amazing. Standing on the rocks beside it, we were hit by tbe spray tbrown up… totally exhillerating!

The first photo shows me sitting beside The Chute. I’m also sitting next to one of my carns. I’ve been building these little piles of rocks in places that have stirred something inside of me… places which I wish we could share with our most loved ones. My own little way of honouring and including them, I suppose. Silly perhaps, but it helps me to miss them all a little less. :0)

This morning we got up early and headed back in to Cooktown. Brad had arranged to go into the servo so that they could show him the ropes. We said good morning and let them know that we’d be floating around town for the day. After that (and feeling much better than yesterday) we decided to do a little of the tourist thing.

We took the dogs down to Finch bay for a run on the sand. It’s another of the plethora of beautiful little beaches that are nearby. The second photo was taken there. Billy went crazy… he loves tbe beach, it turns out. Until now he hasn’t really known large bodies of water. He seems to think that he can chase the splashes… and so far he hasn’t figured out that the salt water makes him sick. Oops… :0\

Then we went for a drive up Grassy Hill to have a look at the view from the lookout at the original lighthouse. The third and forth photos were taken from up there. Number three shows my beloved with Cooktown in the background. It’s only a small town… small, friendly, full of history and quite lovely, in my opinion. Number four (almost) shows my gorgeous mug in front of the point and mountains on the other side of the river. Again, quite lovely (the scenery, that is…)

Afterwards, we headed back to town, stopped under a nice shady mango tree and I boiled the billy to make coffee while Brad made today’s earlier blog post. We had to move after a little while though… the sandflies are vicious, especially around the mangroves. So we escaped them by heading down to the wharf. Brad decided to try his luck at catching some fish for lunch… unsuccessfully, unfortunately.

But he was interrupted by a phone call. Work already! He had to make a trip down to Cairns to pick up the tow truck he’ll be driving for the next couple of weeks. Bargain! It’s a 5hr trip each way… that’s a nice 10hr earner for his first day. At this rate, Jimmy might even get some of that much-needed work done by the time this job is done. And we’ll be able to pay the kids back the money we borrowed in no time. :0)

Certainly a weight off our shoulders, let me tell you…!



  1. twistyman said,

    March 22, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    congrats on the quick job scoff…

    well done Brad..
    hope you get a whack of time in..get yourself some supplies..

    Miss you both..stay safe….
    Love Bob.

  2. Brad said,

    March 23, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    HI gang. Just had to clarify a couple of things. It was the boss’s driver that is having an eye operation, and I had to take a broken car and its owner to Cairns in the truck. :o)

  3. GOF said,

    March 25, 2011 at 5:31 am

    I’m almost ashamed to say I’ve never been to Cooktown, so I’m enjoying your stories and photographs. One day I’ll get there………probably……..maybe 🙂

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