Plans Are Afoot

Plans? What is this strange word?
Well, from what I’ve heard, it’s like you decide to do something with a set agenda. We have a sort of a plan but it’s flexible.
We had ‘planned’ to stay in Mareeba for a bit because Jimmy the 4WD was sick. However, Jimmy is feeling a little better now, so tomorrow (with some help once again from our kids) we will give him a little fresh oil & and head to Daintree Village
I’ve been emailing a few people up that way & the farm work prospects seem reasonable at this time of year. Plus, we’ve had a tentative offer of a WWOOF type arrangement around April. We’re not going to depend on that offer though, even though it is a good one.
We could stay here in Mareeba & probably have work next week, but this is not where we want to be. The whole reason for moving North was to do what we wanted to do and not to be forced into something we’re not comfortable with. We’ve taken the first big step & made it to FNQ, so we really need to ‘stick with the plan’, which is to eventually end up around the Cooktown area. So, rather than hang here in a place that I really don’t feel comfortable in (no offence intended Mareeba), we’ll head a little further North.

There is another advantage to be gained by heading up Daintree way. Wild foods are more abundant up there than here. So, if we don’t get work straight away we can do the hunter gatherer thing. Fishing, collecting coconuts, digging wild yams etc & and maybe even rid the bush of a feral pig or two.
Yep, I can hunt wild pigs. Very carefully of course 🙂
Our biggest challenge will be going without tobacco if we don’t get paid work. Damned nicotine addiction is not good, but maybe we can kick the habit up there & get a little healthier.

There is also the added bonus that we will be closer to ‘the rainforest’. I can’t get enough of that green wild wonderland. It is where I belong, not in a city or big town. I need to be able to touch it. To embrace it. To become a part of nature again, not just an admirer or visitor. I still can’t explain how ‘whole’ I feel when I get close to that sort of country. My entire headspace changes. For me, it is a spiritual thing I guess

I have it on good authority that Internet access is problematic outside of the village, so when we are heading out of the technology friendly zone we’ll pre-warn everyone so they don’t worry about our lack of communication. We’ll just have to make a weekly or fortnightly journey back to civilisation to update everyone on our adventures.
Anyway, enough of this. Time to pop back to the Twitterverse to catch up with the world events.
Thanks for reading. I do ramble a bit.
Brad ‘Hoppy’.


1 Comment

  1. twistyman said,

    March 17, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Hi Damn Aussies….
    wow I’m missing you now, and will even more..
    but I’m happy you’re on the move.
    I know how you like that….

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and wish you the best …

    you take care of each other and will look forward to hearing from you again..

    love you both…be well and happy my friends….

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