RIP Jimmy the 4WD


Tina and I are posting under her profile now.
Too much bother swapping profiles on the phone.

All things happen for a reason.
Yesterday we left Kuranda and headed out to Mareeba to chase some banana picking work.
We met a nice bloke today. Steve is his name. He’s in his 50s and is a nomad. Steve lives out of his XF Fairmont sedan. He’s been trucking around the tablelands for while, enjoying his freedom. He’s got a bad back from years as a plumber & probably should be on a pension, but the govt says no. So he’s on extended sickness benefits.
We’ve been telling each other our stories and generally discussing the ways of the world. We gave him our CD collection but he insisted on tossing some coin and a nice hat our way in exchange. So we’re now $5 and a hat richer today. Plus, we’re richer in having met another nice soul.
Ooh and we met one of our Interweb friends too!
I should have told you about this sooner but we’d Tweeted about it and I forgot that I hadn’t posted yesterday on this blog. We met the most wonderful @DianaRusso in Kuranda yesterday! She introduced us to some of the folk that run stalls at the original Kuranda markets and shouted us coffees. Diana sells hemp based products; lotions and stuff. I had a trippy moment with a guy she introduced us to. He knew my face and knew all the people I had known when I was a freek up here in ’82.
Collectively, they’ve put a seed in our heads that may grow into us running a stall there at some stage. I think I’d like to do that for a while. Tina is a brilliant artist and I’m sure I could do something creative.
Thankyou Di for the wonderful afternoon and we will definitely see you again.

Ok, back to Mareeba. I had a chat to a traveller in the rest stop here this morning and he suggested a farm where we might get some work, so we’ll try to get there tomorrow.
Tomorrow and TRY. Why? Well, while we were yarning with Steve, I checked the water in Jimmy. It was decidedly low. In fact, it took about 10 litres of water. I put it down to another leak in the radiator…
At about 4pm I kicked Jimmy over to charge the battery a bit…he started fine and was sounding OK. But then he got a bit rough. Then he started blowing humungous clouds of blue smoke. You mechanically minded types will know where all that water was going. Into the sump.
Jimmy I think has either a blown gasket, or a hole between the water channels in the block and the block.
Jimmy is going nowhere until we can replace the motor.
So, here we are in the rest stop next to the Barron River just outside Mareeba. The banana farm that our German friend suggested for work is about 10km east of here, so we may have to walk there. We’ll also have to explain to the council or cops that we can’t really go anywhere for a while until we organise something.
Ah well, these things happen for a reason. I was kinda upset. But then Tina reminded me that at one stage we were going to walk here from Rockhampton, and besides, we are free to do anything we want. We are free spirits.

Tina is my best friend and my rock. Words will never describe how much I love her. Nor can words explain the strength she gives me. It has been taking time for my head to realise that it really doesn’t matter what we do or where we go. This is our life and our adventure. We can walk if we need to because our life is no longer a rush to get somewhere.
We are officially nomads!

So, anybody want to trade a half broken 4WD for either $500 or another car of some sort? You’ll have to come and get it though because we can’t deliver :o)

So, what *are* we doing tomorrow? Dunno. I’ll tell you tomorrow night when we’ve done it.
Peace love and brown rice folks!

Oh, it’s still raining. Had most of today rain free, but the weather rolled in again about 2pm. It’s wet and warm. You’d be surprised how well mould can grow in this climate ;o)


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  1. twistyman said,

    March 12, 2011 at 11:18 pm

    Hi guys…

    sorry to hear about the its served you well….

    I hope you can find a way around this soon…

    love you guys and stay safe and try to let me know how you are from time to time..
    I miss you.

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