The Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park



I guess I should give you a bit of an update. We got to Cairns last week (Friday). The trip up was uneventful except for the fact that we unknowingly got through the Ingham area between road closures. The road is closed again now.
We stopped at Bowen, in the rest stop opposite the ‘Big Mango’ on Wednesday night because the signs up the highway said it was a 24 hour camping spot. However, when we got there, there were signs up saying ‘NO CAMPING’. Given that we had no headlights (long story), we had no choice but to stop. As it was, we’d already driven in the dark with our parkers for about 20 minutes.
About 2 in the morning some Whitsunday Council cop woke us up & said we couldn’t camp. I explained that it was a fatigue stop, we weren’t camping. For the record, if there are toilets at a rest stop, you are legally entitled to stop for up to 20 hours. Maybe Whitsunday Council should take note.

We got into Cairns next day with no dramas.
We did the city tour. Wow. Cairns has changed a lot. I guess that’s to be expected after nearly 30 years i suppose.
So far I’ve (Brad) been fishing with my mate Barnesy twice, but the weather was against us, so no money earned for either of us. Barnesy is a pro fisherman who does the reefs in a 16 foot Dory. Unfortunately I discovered that I no longer have sea legs. I got sick both times and spent a fair bit of time on the deck not fishing.

Anyway, after a week at Barnesy’s we have moved on up to Kuranda for a bit. Which leads me to the title of this post.
We spent last night at the Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park. $28 for a site for the night. This park is pet friendly, tucked away in the rainforest just near the village. We were camped justby the ‘Camp Kitchen’. It is a covered area with BBQ’s, a gas and electric stove, fridge and a sink. Everything is there for food preparation and cooking. If you want a good, cheap place to stay when you’re up here, check this place out. It has cabins as well if you don’t have a van or camper.
Well, it’s time for us to pack. Our funds don’t allow us to stay in luxury anymore. We only have about $10 left of our life savings, so we’ll be roughing it for a bit.
We applied for a couple of jobs at the Valley Herb farm here in Kuranda, but due to the road closures down south, their business is a little restricted. They ‘might’ call us when the roads open again. Until then, we live on a very frugal budget.
Once I work out how to upload pics thru this interface, I’ll put some up.
Until next post, Peace Love and Brown Rice to you.



  1. twistyman said,

    March 11, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Ho Brad…good to hear from you..

    Glad it was fairly uneventful event..
    (won’t ask about

    Hope you can pick up some work soon…
    stay safe and you and Tina keep in updated…..

    I miss you both….
    Love Bob.

  2. March 16, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    […] The Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park ( […]

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