Some Animal Pics

We’ll be cleaning out this little notebook tonight, and I found some animal pics that I’ve been meaning to put up. No time like the present, eh? Let’s start with some birds…

( BTW, These may well be the last pics you see from us for a while….)

This Pied Butcher Bird was watching me from a big old Banyan Fig at the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens. These birds have a gorgeous song and are beautifully curious. But during breeding season they will often swoop anything they see as a threat to their babies…


Pied Butcher Bird



This Cassowary lives at the zoo at Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. Cassowaries are large flightless birds, similar is size to Emus. The large bony crest on their head is used in mating and territorial displays, and can cause great injury. These birds live in the rainforest and forage fruits. There are not many of these birds in the wild, and the native population suffered quite a blow (pardon the pun) in TC Yasi.





A close-up look at Old Man (or old lady, I’m not 100% sure) Emu…





… This is what I think our Coat of Arms SHOULD look like…


Coat of Arms



Sick of birds? Well, how cute is this sweet little Joey… I know women who’d kill for lashes like that… 😉


Kangaroo Joey



This is a close-up shot of a Crocodile’s tail… the little speck is a tiny water snail. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in any danger. This is only a Freshie (Fresh Water Crododile… much more placid of the two species), and he lives at the Rockhampton zoo. I wasn’t really all that close, and there was a fence in the way. Freshie or not, I’m not that brave…


Crocodile Tail and Snail



One of my own favourite Aussie animals, the Dingo has an independent and regal air, unlike most dog species. But I also know from experience how dangerous and vicious these wild dogs can be. Several years ago we lost two dogs to Dingo attacks… and it was enough to breed a very healthy respect for this particular animal.


Dingo on Guard



The Lace Monitor, commonly known simply as a Goanna, can grow to a length of 3 or more metres. Approximately half of that length is tail, but that still makes for an intimidating lizard. They have long sharp claws to climb trees, tough armoured skin and a mouth full of sharp little teeth for tearing apart the carrion that they eat.


Lace Monitor



And last, but definitely not least… this little guy is kinda special.  We don’t see many of these Striped Marsh Frogs around these parts. But I’m guessing that the population has flourished after our recent floods. This little guy decided to cool himself off in our granddaughter’s wading pool.


Striped Marsh Frog


Ok then, I’ll head off for now. Hopefully the next time you hear from me we’ll be in Cairns… if not on the road. 😉




  1. twistyman said,

    March 3, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Very cool..

    been seeing a lot of Aussie stuff lately on TV…not just floods either..

    I’m winning 50 mill this friday, so I’ll come to “Damn Aussie” land…
    and we will have a time to remember….

    just keep the gators and biting shit away from me…

    Love you guys..

  2. Tina said,

    March 5, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    How did you go with that lottery win, my friend? I think if you tufned up on the doorstep, that would be like winning the lottery to me. Good luck with that… but you’ll always be welcome in Aussieland :0*

    Brad has gone out fishing with Craig today, ctoss your fingers he gets a few… we certainly need the $. We’re going to have to turn into greedy scrooges for a little while. We are so close to that beautiful rainforest, yet it may as well be on the moon. i just can’t wait… we need money to get there though, so I’ll have to :0(

    Oh, by the way… I’ve found this little robofone (while it is very cool) to be a little annoying. I am not enjoying typing with one finger. I can touch type reasonably well, and doing it this way is taking about 4 times as long :0(

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