Option 3 – We Ride to FNQ!

OK, we’ve gone for option 3. We might ship the car up still, but I doubt it. Have you seen the price of good quality pushbikes today?

We looked at the prices at Tuckers Cycle Inn. They’re an Avanti Plus dealer. But hey. WE couldn’t afford one of these bikes, let alone two and two trailers. I have ideas in my head.

I can make trailers. Then we can go for mid quality bikes. But then, a solar panel to charge our battery to charge the puter and phones would be good too. Bugger!


Solar Panel

This'd work!



Thinking about buying two good quality carton trolleys (hand trucks) & modifying them to be towable with a railed platform for the dogs to sit on etc. Might cost about $100 each total to make.


Hand Truck

I'll modify one two of these to tow.


Lots to decide and I still don’t know what my finishing pay will be. Truly, this will be a journey on a budget. We’ll be looking for short term work on the way methinks.

As for bikes. Well, if someone wanted free advertising up the QLD coast in return for free bikes, we’d probably eat better ;o)


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