Sad News, Sweet Relief and… OMG Babies are, like, soooo cute!


This post contains news of the death of a frog. If this will upset you… you probably shouldn’t read any further.

I was cleaning up yesterday… sorting and organising our stuff. In doing this, I found a total of 4 frogs in amongst our possessions. Now, for those who don’t know… this is not an unusual occurrence. We have a pet Green Tree Frog (NOTE: he’s a wild and FREE frog who chooses to live with us) that we call Stony (see my avatar). He regularly brings friends home. You can read about him here if you like…

Anyway, we’ve been parked up at my daughter’s place since before the floods and our stuff has (as tends to happen) migrated around the immediate area slightly… and it seems to have been breeding while I wasn’t looking. So I decided to take the opportunity to tidy things a bit.

As I was cleaning, re-packing and moving boxes around I came across a total of 4 Green Tree Frogs in amongst our stuff. Now, Stony is just the same as all other Green Tree Frogs (green), and very hard to distinguish from an imposter. The only way I really know him is by the fact that he won’t try to hop away if I pick him up. He even puts up with Ella prodding and patting him as long as he’s sitting on my hand… he knows I won’t let her hurt him. And I have been surprised by a cold little wet thwack as he jumps up onto my lap or shoulder more than once. I really do think that he loves me, in his own froggy little way. Anyway, I digress…

Needless to say, I usually check for Stony when I pack the car up. His normal haunt is in the tub we use for our washing… but he wasn’t there yesterday. I found all 4 of them hiding down in the corner behind our stuff… nice and cool. I picked each of them up so that I could pack the stuff in the car without inadvertently harming them. The first 3 struggled and tried to hop away, so I tossed them over the fence towards the neighbour’s rather nice fruit trees. The forth calmly sat on my palm and looked at me.

“Hey Stony,” I said. I swear he smiled…

I put Stony up on top of the fence and told him to wait there until I had everything packed up in the car. Then got on with my work.

Well, to cut a long story short… I was hot and buggered (and just a little pissed off) by the time I’d gotten everything packed up in the car. I was going to sit down and have a breather, but all I could see when I did was the mess of leaves and dirt and stuff under the car. Normally I can look at a mess and not even worry… but when I’m pissed off mess just pisses me off more. I HAD to do something about it before I tried to relax.

“I’ll just move the car out of the carport and hose it out,” I figured.

… …

As I started to roll forward, I heard a pop…

(Now please let me make this clear… I’m not trying to make light of this. I was horrified. I love frogs. I still feel like a murderer) 😦

I don’t mean to be too graphic… but I knew as soon as I heard it that it was a frog pop. I stopped and I was almost too afraid to get out and look. Then, to top it off, I suddenly remembered little Stony sitting on top of the fence. I’d been so annoyed that I’d forgotten to grab him and let him climb back into his box.

As I said, Stony has no distinguishing features apart from his personality… and this frog wasn’t showing too much of that. He was very much a dead frog. I looked up on the top of the fence… no Stony. I cried a little…

I picked the poor thing up and disposed of it as quickly and respectfully as possible. My fingers almost burned where I touched it. As I hosed out the carport I deriding myself for being so selfishly unthinking. Crankiness aside, I should have been thinking enough to check the tyres, I know that. By the time I finished I was in a VERY dark mood, mostly with myself. “F’ck’t,” I figured. “I’m sitting down and having a smoke.”


A green frog landed on the cement beside my chair. After a short initial period of stunned stupor, he turned his head and looked at me. Another cute thing that Stony does is tilt his head side to side when he’s looking at you… like a cute little green puppy (maybe he learned it from our dogs, who knows). The frog on the floor did that…

“Stony?” I still wasn’t sure. Until, that is, the frog jumped under my chair towards the spot where our stuff had been. He looked around and climbed up the wall a bit before looking back at me with his cute little head tilt thing going on (‘what th fuk you did wit me home, Dudette?’).

Then he suddenly leaped up onto the chair next to me. My bag was sitting on the chair and he promptly climbed up on top of it and sat looking at me (‘don’ forgetz ME Mum’). I cried a little bit again, this time with a bit of a smile on my face.

I still feel bad for the other frog, but I’m so, so glad that Stony’s ok.

And as for the validity of baby cuteness…

I took our 15-month-old granddaughter shopping the other day. Mum was a bit stressed about bottles and stuff, but I’m an old hand at this… and I was cashed up, so I figured we could cater for a little spoiling if she got ornery. I grabbed two nappies, the wipes and my youngest daughter to be my ‘runner’ (too old to chase babies around, smart enough to delegate the job), and cheerfully headed off.

I had an ulterior motive… I wanted to buy her something cool. I don’t really like grocery shopping, but shopping for toys is a perfectly acceptable time-waster… especially when it comes to grandkids, I’ve discovered. But I wanted her to choose something… she’s a very smart little girl and has very definite tastes. Yeah yeah, I know… all grandparents think that, but she really IS very clever. I wanted to see what she would prefer to play with herself, given the chance.

So, our first stop was the baby aisle. I must say, I’m a bit disappointed. I know Ella isn’t a ‘baby’ any more, but the toys there were way too young for her. She was more interested in the pretty dummies (pacifiers) than any of the toys.  So it wasn’t long before we decided to move along to the ‘big kid’ aisle…

She looked at everything. She reached for the cars so I pulled a few down and gave them to her to look at. Cool for a little while, but she quickly tired of them. Next we had a look at one of those little projector things… she thought that was cool but her little fingers couldn’t push the lever to change the picture so she tossed it too.

Bubbles came next… ‘bubbles’ is one of Ella’s words. Now, I have to say here that Ella ‘talks’ already… at least she tries to. She can say some words and she make heaps of word-sounds, but she doesn’t do too well at stringing them together. She does try to tell you things though, and what comes out of her mouth is both surprising and incredibly cute. She sounds like she’s speaking another language… I’m waiting for some Ukranian or Zimbabwian lady to come up to us in the supermarket and have a full-on conversation with her. She also knows a few basic signs… hello, love you, come here, drink etc… and moves her hands in very similar ways to signing. Sometimes the similarity to her hand signals and real signs is trippy.

She does this ‘talking’ thing often, especially if she’s excited or if she’s been out or after she’s had a sleep. She uses her hands and speaks her little foreign language (punctuated with the odd chuckle to highlight the funny bits) and gets all animated… just like she’s trying to tell you about her ideas or adventures or dreams. People are spun out all the time.

Now, I don’t like to use baby-talk, and usually I speak to Ella as though I really DO understand what she’s saying and expect her to respond… because she does. We have big old convos… sometimes she even seems to get my lame old jokes. But… I’m digressing again…

So there we are in the toy aisle. Suddenly Ella spies the Barbie dolls…

“Oooh,” she says as she points at them. Bad Nanna comes to the fore…

“Oh no WAY! You’re not having one of them. No granddaughter of mine is going to grow up with that stereo-type… ” I didn’t even touch them.

And Ella was happy with that… we moved on to the musical Sesame St toys and she quickly forgot about plastic bimbo role models. She loves music and dancing and was quickly ensconsed in trying and re-trying the buttons on Elmo’s guitar, Cookie’s Sax and Ernie’s Violin. A much better and more entertaining toy for a 15-m-o…

But then… an old lady halfway down the aisle caught my eye. She was actually frowning at me. The look she gave me was the ‘What kind of grandmother are you? Every little girl yearns for a Barbie’ kind of look… pure daggers. And then… I swear… she audibly sniffed and threw her nose up in the air and turned and walked away. I haven’t seen anyone do that since the last time I watched a Shirley Temple movie. Woah! Passive aggressive MUCH!

So, Ella ended up choosing Elmo’s guitar. It plays 3 different Sesame St songs and makes different chord sounds with the strum button, Elmo says ‘Rock’n’Roll’ a lot… and it even has a wah-wah bar! Bargain toy! She didn’t want to look at anything else after that.

We carried on the shopping while she sat in the seat, happily banging her head as she rocked on to the music that she was playing. I told you she likes to dance, didn’t I? And every time I said ‘Rock’n’Roll’ she’d push the button that makes Elmo say it too. She even did the ‘rock music’ sign to people a couple of times. Well… I think every person in the supermarket melted from the inside… … even the old lady with the dagger-stare.

Yes, Purple-haired Dragon-lady… I saw that smile over the top of the pluots… even if you DID look away when I spotted you. 😉

But I’m kinda used to it now… lately I’ve taken to watching everyone else’s expressions. Ella has an uncanny way of making everyone feel as though life is full and good and rich… and I’m happy to share my wealth…

… for a little while, at least.




  1. Mrs Woog said,

    February 1, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Thank god it was a happy ending for Stoney

  2. Nikki said,

    February 1, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Yay for not killing Stony, Boo for poor popping frogs (that really was too graphic a visual for me, I gasped!).

    Yay for no Barbies, Boo for cranky old judge-y women!

  3. October 20, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    […] She was funny. She adored her family. This post will make you smile […]

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