2011 Floods in Rockhampton Part 2 – Around Town

Some more flood shots for you, just in case you’re not too sick of them. We’ve been walking around town a bit, and this is just some of the stuff I’ve seen… more as I get the time to upload.

To any interested media or Emergency Services staff… please feel free to reproduce and/or distribute these images. Please attribute pics to PhoenixPhotos and let us know where they’ll be used so that we can provide a link here…

I took a bus ride into the city last Wednesday. The river was at its peak of 9.2m.

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Flood Meter At The Peak of 9.2m

Photo by PhoenixPhotos

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Council Workers And Sightseers Quay St

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Emergency Services Checkpoint Quay St

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Yacht Moored Alongside Trees In Park On Quay St

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Quay St Boardwalk At Peak 9.2m

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 East St From William St Towards Flood

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Derby St From Roundabout On Bolsover St Towards River

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Derby St From Roundabout At Allenstown

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 A Reassuring Police Prescence

Rocky Floods 05-01-2011 Bus Services Slightly Disrupted

On Saturday, we took a walk along The Range out to the Emergency Services Checkpoint at the entrance to the city. We stopped at the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens along the way too.

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 Entrance To Rockhampton. Yeppen Bridge In Background

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 Emergency Services Checkpoint At Entrance To R'ton, Cnr Upper Dawson Rd And Bruce Highway

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 Fire And Rescue Services On The Job

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 Looking Over Murray Lagoon At Botanic Gardens

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 The Sign Says It...

But there are some plusses to this flooding… for the right species at least. These little guppies are breeding like crazy.

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 Fresh Water Meets The Flood Botanic Gardens

… the birds are taking full advantage of the situation too.

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 The Birds Are Loving It. Baby Egret Botanic Gardens

… And the Aussie spirit just can’t be dampened. There are important matters to attend to. Life goes on…

Rocky Floods 08-01-2011 Life Goes On... Rockhampton Golf Course


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