2011 Floods in Rockhampton Part 1 – Airport 07-01-2011

Well, I guess most of us have probably heard about the floods currently raging through much of QLD (heading down to NSW too, some of it). If not… where the hell have you been? Playing Black Ops?

Anyway, my baby bought me a new memory card today and took me down to the airport to take some pics. Oh… how I love that man.  😎

As a result, I’m now loaded up with pics and busting to show some off. I’ve got a bunch of 7 today, all taken around the airport… I’ll post more of other parts of town in the near future.

Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011

This is the entrance to the airport, at the top end of North St. The water is still running pretty quickly…

Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 North St Entrance



The round-about at the entrance is under there somewhere. I think the road may be damaged a bit under there, it felt a bit rough as we drove over…


Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 Roundabout At Entrance



At this time, the flood had peaked and dropped to 9.15 metres. This garden shows the high water mark, a good 15 cm higher… the extra 10 cm caused by yesterday’s flash flooding.


Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 High Water Mark



Here’s the Rockhampton Airport Terminal after being fortified against the flood. Blue plastic sheets cover sand bags to keep water out of the terminal.


Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 Terminal Fortified Against Flood



Main runway looking west from the airport. Now a landing strip for birds only…


Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 Runway



Looking west across the runway. A small but rather full-on storm dumps rain around Gracemere. We’ve had a number of intense little (and not so little) storms like this lately, and I s’pose we’ll get a few more too before summer’s over. We’re just hoping they don’t all come at the same time again.  😉


Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 Storm Over Gracemere Runway's Under There Somewhere



And finally… as we left, I couldn’t help but take this last pic. Imagine that you could fly into Rocky at the moment. This would be your first view of the city. Welcome to Rockhampton, everybody.


Rockhampton Airport 07-01-2011 North St Leaving Airport



So, there you go. That’s what Rockhampton Airport looks like at the moment. I’ll post some more Rocky Flood pics soon, I promise.

Take care out there, y’all. And remember…

Don’t drive in floodwaters… we want you to get home.




  1. Brad said,

    January 7, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    For the record, I had authorisation to enter the airport area. We didn’t sneak in.

  2. twistyman said,

    January 7, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Damn you guys…

    Hope its gets better soon…

    some terrible sights…

    but one thing I know is my Aussie (Damn that is.. lol) friends are a hearthy bunch and my best to you and your country mates..

    and watch out for south bound “logs” I hear they bite….

    be well my friends……..

  3. January 8, 2011 at 9:42 am

    And you guys are supposed to be in the middle of summer now? Whoa. I hope you get some dry weather so people at least have time to clean up. Drought is no fun, but seeing your house disappear under muddy water is doubly unfun.

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